Supriya’s Flashback To Her Life-Changing HSBC Interview Experience – IFMR

HSBC has been a regular recruiter at IFMR for Financial Engineering graduates but unlike the last few years, they offered ‘Risk Analyst’ role to Finance graduates as well. I was fortunate enough to get shortlisted for it and was interviewed for the same.

Interview Experience

As a part of their selection process, we had to take an aptitude test post the shortlisting. I had two technical interviews and a psychometric test in the end. The interview comprised of questions ranging from financial risks to international news and what impact it has on the company.

The interviewer started off by asking about me and my ambition in life. I made sure I knew exactly what HSBC valued and how it operates, and I tried to match them to the experiences that I had. Next, out of the blue, he started bombarding questions regarding VaR, derivatives, and questions pertaining to the JD in one go. They expected the candidate to be observant and focused enough to answer all the questions in the same sequence as asked. For being the part of the risk department, these minute behavioural attributes and presence of mind value a lot and they judged on all these factors.

From the time the interviewer greeted me till the time we parted, I was elated by their professionalism. An optimism pervaded within me that I was already a part of an esteemed organization.

About The Role:

The role offered to me is a Risk Analyst for HSBC’s GMMO division. The job is to forecast changes and trends that will impact the business and put strategies in place to protect it. The environment in which we operate changes all the time and as a part of the risk department, reporting and analysis of Group’s credit and market risk exposures is what is expected out of us as a Risk Analyst. The robust controls and governance along with high standards of conduct are called-for by all the HSBC employees.

How IFMR helped you: 

My journey till now in IFMR has made me believe that anyone can achieve their goals with hard work and the right atmosphere. Not only did IFMR provide me with this opportunity to be a part of HSBC but also chiselled my personality in these two years. It has always provided a platform to transform yourself, only if you strive for it.

Future Prospects: 

HSBC has entrusted me with a responsibility and I am waiting to put my best foot forward. Down the line, I will be pursuing FRM and will be looking forward to climbing up the ladder with considerable experience in risk domain.




About the Author:

Supriya Dhar

” A painter by hobby, an Electronics and Communication  Engineer from UPTU and worked in ZTE Corporation.

Second-year PGDM student specializing in Finance from Institute for Financial Management and Research.”

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