Sydney Diaries – Thanks to SP Jain

What you do when you wake up at 6
See the bright light and wish you can flip
My eyes opens wide at 7
Never in my life I had such morning…

Day seems long and night seems short
Why there is a concept of day light saving
Someone please clear my concept and make it strong..

Surfing, beaches Bondi, Manly
everywhere I wish to go madly!
I just need right amount of sunlight
to feel young and glow spread the happiness and be in my flow!

Winters, summers keep flipping as if sides of same coin
Someone just toss it in air and announce the weather in a while
Waves are too low and sometimes too high
You will never predict the flow as ships will shake the water every while!

Cuisines are part of culture
Blended with ethnic groups from all over the world..
You can eat spicy with flavour of Asia
You can eat sweet as if you are in India

Wine is tastiest
You will get them all sparkling
Just put your finger and select
You need 2013 or the one 113 years earlier..

Party music in Ivy
It makes you crazy every tiny
If you love nature and wildlife
Taronga zoo is here
You can watch from koala to kangaroo
Just add who you want in your wish list to be there…

My Sydney diaries are full of memories
It’s not just made us independent
But taught us to learn cooking..

SBR and CRP are key ingredients of our main dish
These are helping us to shape and sail in this mighty ship
Guest lectures and Student life are eternal parts
Helps us to gain insight in every city
And teach us how to adapt culture with a glance.

Thanks to tri-city model of  S P Jain
which is helping us to enrich this all
Dubai, Singapore, Sydney all the three cities,
are blending us in their culture in every nuance
I will surely miss it in every stance.

Nikita Sharma

- Currently studying Marketing Management in SP Jain School of Global Management tri city program - Singapore, Sydney and Dubai. - Done marketing research project on comparative analysis of marketing strategies adopted by Heinz Ketchup and local brands in Australia - Done marketing research project on consumer perception towards hybrid cars in Singapore. - Published Poem on SmarpShare Worked for 19 months as Software Engineer in Accenture which has given me the opportunity to enhance my skills and relate my theoretical knowledge to practical application. As a Software Engineer I learned and adapted skills as:- - Worked on Java and e-commerce platform-ATG of Oracle for AT&T- the largest mobile service provider of USA and targeted B2B and B2C market. - Adept in analyzing and evaluating end-user requirements, custom designing solutions for complex information systems management and designing test plans by working in phases of Software development Cycle. - Worked in Agile Methodology and interacted with the client frequently in all the phases like for getting the requirements, understanding them, giving Demos etc. - Part of Fresher Development Program. Done in Computer Engineering and achieved following: - Coordinator of Enginium - the college literary club. - Published various articles in the college magazine. - Website Head of Utkarsh- the software society - Created and launched websites for the society. - Technical Head of Xperia – The personality development society - Created and launched websites for national conference on Mathematics. - Conducted workshops on usage of software tools like Dreamweaver in college.