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Yassas Kathénas,

Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management, a niche B-School for Operations management, believes in transforming engineers into high-skilled techno-business professionals ready to excel in the today’s competitive markets. The students at SIOM are nurtured to master the management of the transformation process.

SIOM, into its 12th year now, continues to have an innovative curriculum to match the current requirements of the industries. This lays the foundation for students to become successful techno-business managers.

In lieu with our motto and vision, SIOM is back with its annual extravaganza;

DRISHTI – A blend of business and cultural events.

Drishti helps you showcase your intellectual and managerial skills. Keeping in line with tradition, the 12th Year of Drishti will continue to enhance your innovative side and help you broaden your horizon.

Drishti is being held on the 9th and 10th of December, 2016.

Our chosen theme for this year is : GREEK MYTHOLOGY.

The Greek Gods symbolize power, leadership and excellence: the qualities that form the crux of a good manager. This year Drishti will go back to the roots of management; to the time when management truly began.

  • Atlas- the bearer of the heavens-symbolizes strength.

  • Prometheus- the creator of mankind- symbolizes invention and innovation.

  • Athena – the goddess of wisdom and war- symbolizes strategy, reason and intellect.

  • Zeus- the king god and the ruler of the skies- symbolizes power and balance.

  • Ares- the god of war- is the perfect symbol for competition and battle.

The varied events at Drishti will be a blend of all these godly qualities. It will test your mettle and will give you a chance to showcase your Greek Godly power. The events will be a combination of Case studies, Marketing Competitions, Quizzes, Management games and much more. We also give you an opportunity to showcase your talent on our magical and mystical cultural night. You can showcase whatever talent you possess. The stage is all yours!

There are many exciting prizes also to be won.


DRISHTI’16 coming soon!

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