Symbol Of Sustainable Development – IIM Kashipur

The sprawling new campus of IIM Kashipur is located in the lush green neighborhood of Kundeshwari in Kashipur. The campus, still under construction, will boast of two lakes and a biodiversity park among other amenities. IIM Kashipur is the only IIM to be located at a trisection of industrial, rural and natural outlook towards the world. This is what makes the campus unique. The campus incorporates this fact beautifully in itself. The founding principles of IIM Kashipur include ‘Sustainable Development’.

The hostels in the campus possess one of its kind radiant cooling systems which depict the commitment towards sustainable development. The radiant cooling system essentially cools and heats the rooms with the help of pipes running within the walls carrying cold and hot water, depending on the need. This is a novel solution to fight back against the constant electricity consumption and carbon emissions by conventional air conditioners. In addition, the whole campus is equipped with rain water harvesting to harness the ample rains that Kashipur receives.

This is also reflected in the activities carried out by the different student run clubs and committees. Students make it a point to put out initiatives that are material for the greater good of the society. Parivartan Club at IIM Kashipur is such student run initiative that aims to impart education, food and basic necessities to the rural public of Kashipur. Some of the noteworthy activities done by the club include blanket distribution to the less fortunate, teaching secondary, primary and pre-primary students, carrying out awareness drives etc. The college administration also organizes awareness campaigns through roadshows, bike shows, street plays regularly to generate awareness among the general public regarding different health and social issues plaguing the society.

The courses offered in IIM Kashipur are also a testimony of the inclusive outlook that the institution has towards the society. Courses are designed in a way so as to stimulate the students to think about the society and weigh the cultural and societal consequences of the business decisions taken. Courses like Society and Business Management, Business of Future – Managing Sustainability, Agricultural Entrepreneurship, Rural Marketing among others see enthusiastic students and learned faculty share their views on different topics prevailing in the country.

All in all, the unique thing about the campus is the way it encapsulates the founding principles of this institute. It is one of the few institutes in the country that shoulders its responsibility to produce the business minds in the country but those who also have a conscience towards the issues faced by India and humankind as a whole. The goal of sustainable development might well be achieved in the years to come as and when IIM Kashipur starts leaving its mark on the business community around the world

Which ABG company would I like to work for?

I would like to work in Aditya Birla Capital due to the rate at which the company is taking over the mutual fund market in India. The mutual find market has seen a huge growth in the recent years and is expected to continue the growth rate in future. I am interested in finance domain and would like to have a chance to work with and learn from the industry stalwarts associated with Aditya Birla Capital.


– Rohan Bindal

IIM Kashipur Placement Committee

Placement Committee, IIM Kashipur