Synergy Where Technology Meets Management – IIM Raipur

It has only been less than a month in IIM Raipur and I have already formed a new family, “IIM Raipur family”. Of all the available choices of b-schools I chose IIM Raipur to pursue my post- graduation and I am sure that many years down the line I will cherish the moments that I will spend here in the campus and my decision to opt for this great institution.

Currently, the institute functions in the temporary campus of Govt Engineering College, Raipur. The most remarkable thing to note here is that it is the only campus to host a GEC, an IIT, and an IIM. The building of all the three government institutions is next to each other. The students of all the three institutes share some common resources like the playing grounds, open air gym, etc. So, here is the unique synergy where management and technology meet. Each of the three institutes is benefited from each other. The students from the other two technical colleges interact with the management students of IIM Raipur. There are also a few students who are collaborating on startups where both management and technical expertise are required.

IIM Raipur during its short span of just 8 years of existence has grown by leaps and bounds. The mentorship of IIM Indore has helped IIM Raipur to imbibe the IIM culture at an extremely fast pace. Now the institute is a brand in itself. It has stood the test of time in the initial years of existence and now it can boast of being one of the premier institutions of India. The growth trajectory will only increase when the institute shifts to its own state of the art campus in Naya Raipur. This is an added advantage as the smart city of Naya Raipur is a marvel in itself. This new capital of Chattisgarh is an ambitious project of the Chattisgarh government which will act as an engine of growth for the entire state. This city will be a proud host of a number of institutes of national importance. This new industrial and educational hub of Naya Raipur will add immense value to IIM Raipur.

Another remarkable thing that makes it stand apart from other new IIMs is its renowned student exchange program. The institute is making an endeavour to send as many as one-third of its students to some of the best management institutes of a number of countries like France, Australia, Germany, Russia, Thailand, New Zealand, Greece, South Korea, and a few others.

So, these were some of the features that make IIM Raipur unique amongst others. In coming years, the institute will only reach greater heights as it seeks to be one of the greatest centers of management education not only in India but in the world.


                                                    Which ABG company you would want to work for and why?

The company I would prefer to work for given an opportunity is the “Aditya Birla Idea Payments Bank”. The very first reason is that I believe in the potential of payments bank in India. The conceptualization of such a bank by Reserve Bank of India is a pragmatic and far-sighted approach to achieve the goal of taking banks to every Indian.

Another important factor is that since this is a new concept and the payment banks are a new thing, there would be a lot of challenges during the initial years. This will be a challenging as well as a learning experience for me as I will get to work in this industry from its inception.


Rohit Kumar is a first year student at IIM Raipur.