How To Tackle The Pressure And Anxiety, Before Summer Intern Process At MBA

Change is we all resist being a human being! Everyone fears change and that’s the main challenge in front of HR Management of any organization.

In the first few months, before summer interns process comes to an end, a life of an MBA student is the same. Since MBA students come from different education backgrounds, they are supposed to get groomed of their mindset and skill sets, to match the expectations of the industries.

My College Scenario:

In my college, our seniors take the grooming sessions, which are very hectic according to some students. Some students even have a negative perception about the whole process. They think that the routine which is being followed in a few initial months is going to be the same for their entire managerial life. That’s not true at all. Some students even take a drastic step of leaving a course or does not do anything, since they couldn’t cope up with the pressures. This must be avoided. Students need to understand that the seat they got is the lifetime opportunity one gets. Every student must be thankful to almighty for the same.

So, what can be done by a student to cope up with this pressure? I would like to share my own experience and some tips.

My own Experience:

My condition was worse since when I got a seat at my college, my father was in ICU for more than one month. When I took admission to college, my father was still in ICU. It was a very tough time for me. I had to manage college and my frequent visits to the hospital which was in a city, 200 kilometres from my college. So, I opted for some basic rules to follow my preparation, as well as, to fulfill my personal responsibilities. I think those basic rules which I followed for the preparation of my summers, will help other students when they will go through the same process.

Step 1: List down the topics, you must cover as a part of a study or an assignment. Then just don’t go directly for executing everything in that list.

Step 2: Prioritize the topics which are very important with your own judgment or by taking the help of a senior. Also, you can introspect and see the topics, you don’t need to prepare since, you are already good at them (Believe me there will be many such ones). General curriculum is designed based on the requirements of the masses. If you can detect your own advantage or strength, you will save futile efforts.

Step 3: Rigorously prepare those topics which you have shortlisted. Take the feedback from the seniors and then chill.

Some facts:

1. You don’t need to be part of everything.

2. Don’t worry about your future all the time.

3. Confidence plays a huge part in any interview process.

4. Everybody is going to be nervous in the preparation and the actual time of recruitment, if you manage to be chill and focus on your personality traits/ communication skills, you will get the edge over others.

Summer intern’s placement is too hyped in most of the MBA colleges. It does help a lot if you get a good summer intern’s placement. But believe me, it’s not THE game changer. So, to survive the first few months at any MBA college, should be the focus of a student. Believe me, after summer intern’s placements, it will be your choice to groom your skills, but at the end, it will be a choice and not a compulsion.

Managerial life is going to be a hectic one for sure. Getting Used to the work ethics will help you in the long run. But it’s about the long run and doesn’t worry about it. Try to go a step, at a time. So, the bottom line is, go to an MBA college, prioritize the skills you need to groom, get good at them, improve your interpersonal and communication skills and chill!

PS: I converted my first shortlist for summers on the first day.

Ganesh Thorat

Ganesh Thorat MBA -- Supply Chain and Operations NITIE Mumbai