Tackling The General Knowledge Section In Competitive Exams

With the other management entrance exams like SNAP, CMAT, XAT around the corner, it is time for aspirants to gear up and start preparing. Unlike CAT, exams like CMAT, MAT, XAT have separate General Awareness sections. Though aspirants find GK questions very intimidating, experts say it is one of the easiest sections to tackle. If the candidate is well prepared, GK questions can help him enhance his overall accuracy. There is either a right or a wrong answer. There is absolutely no room for confusion. As GK-based questions do not involve any calculation or analysis, it the least time-consuming section and it gives the opportunity to answer more questions in lesser time.

GK and current affairs are supposed to be attacked with a curious state of mind. It should not be considered as ‘preparation’ per se. Rather the strength of the human mind to remember details using storylines and imagery has to be tapped. Apart from reading the editorials of newspapers such as The Hindu, The Economic Times, and Business Standard religiously, tapping into websites such as www.gktoday.in, which is specialised for bank exams and the civil services exams will help in relating discrete facts. XAT tests candidates on static GK, something any serious MBA candidate is expected to know. It is important to read upon the Government policies that were implemented in that calendar year, recent trade deals and partnerships, central bank announcements, etc. Since candidates are expected to be well-rounded individuals, it is imperative to be aware of the recent news on sports and entertainment as well.

What would appear to be ‘special emphasis’ on obtaining general awareness subsequently will help the ones who are good at it get an edge over others. Hence, looking at GK as a hobby rather than as ‘a section to prepare for’ always helps. However, areas such as History and Geography – those that do not appear frequently in everyday reads – need some dedicated time. Spending an hour or so including revision time in these areas should be sufficient to help improve your memory.

While attempting mock papers and analysis of previous year papers, see where you stand and divide preparation time accordingly. Try taking tests on sites such as ‘Hunda ka funda’ and ‘cracku’. Even factual questions can be dealt with intuition if you have the right frame of mind. Only reading helps one get there. Visualize the facts – use the internet extensively to learn more about events and issues than approaching topics question wise. It is always advisable to have a small narrative running in your head when it comes to any topic. It won’t just help you crack GK in these exams, it will prove useful in GDs and in work life as well.

Finally, always remember not to lose your cool. All the best for your preparation!




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