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Why I Chose ABG Over Amazon & Google - Mrunmayi Oke, IIM Ahmedabad Alum

Mrunmayi Oke spills the beans on the crazy experiences she had during demonetization and GST when she was working at Aditya Birla Retail, her leadership stint with Carbon Black and

Being From A Top IIM Doesn't Give You A Golden Halo - Govind Haridas, UltraTech Cement, IIM K

How much does your B-school tag matter when it comes to working with the top brands of the world? What is it like to work with a massive conglomerate like

I Was Appointed Regional Manager 2 Years Into ABGLP - Kartik Arora, XLRI Alumnus - Part 3

After a relaxed 2nd year at XLRI, thanks to having cracked the PPO, Kartik Arora was all set to start his 1st stint as an ABGLP. He started his journey

My Aditya Birla Group Internship Story In Bangkok - Kartik Arora, XLRI Alumnus - Part 2

After cracking that 8-minute summer placement interview, Kartik Arora flew to Bangkok for his summer internship. He worked on a market research project with Birla Chemicals. His international stint experience,

How I Cracked My Internship Interview In 8 Minutes - Kartik Arora, Forever 21 - Part 1

Sometimes all you need is an honest conversation with your senior and this video with Kartik Arora is just that. Kartik heads Sales and Operations (North & East India) for

Indian In The Values, Global In The Outlook - Aditya Birla Group with Dr Santrupt Misra

They're over 100+ years strong with businesses that span across metals, fashion, pulp & fiber, and are constantly venturing into new businesses and exploring new technologies.The Aditya Birla Group is

Is The Aditya Birla Group Leadership Program For You? | Ashok Ramchandran

The Aditya Birla Group has been one of the most desirable companies for students across b-schools. With businesses spanning from fashion and retail, telecommunications, carbon, and steel, the ABG group

The Winning Experience - ABG HeadstaRt 2018!

I still distinctly remember the tension and nervousness in the room. Participants were staring at each other, hoping that it would be their team that would clinch the title. It