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The 5 Types Of Students You Meet In A B-School - DC And Marvel Edition

If you think a b-school is just like your college, think again. Not only is the learning style divergent, but the type of crowd you meet here, the type of

A Glimpse Into the Initial Life At A B-School - Soman Pochhali, IIFT Delhi

I had written down the following article at the beginning of the IIFT's academic session which captures my journey in the initial few days. Any aspirant, when he/she joins a

Campus Life At IIM Indore

IIM Indore, or Planet-I as we fondly call it, is a place which is home for all of us. This video, created and curated by the student community, is an

Glocal Learning At SDA Bocconi Asia Center

At SDA Bocconi Asia Center your classroom is a melting pot of global perspectives. Right from your first semester, you'll interact with students from Germany, France, and Italy who are

Study With Peers From Germany, France And Italy At SDA Bocconi Asia Center

When you meet and interact with people from different cultures and communities, conversations cross borders, you discuss situations and your brain starts thinking like a Venn diagram. Your ideas interconnect

A Letter To My B-School Lover

This one is a story of from one of the topmost b-schools based in Mumbai, and while such stories may be true on any campus, but I want to share

This Is What NITIE Is – Absolutely Unique At Its Core - Mohit Verma

“Listen Mohit, we heard of a college in Mumbai that accepts CAT score. We came to know that you are currently studying there only. My daughter is a bit skeptical

'All Of Us Have Mastered The Art Of Getting Things Done" - 2 Years At IIM Rohtak - Shakthi Velan

An MBA was not really on my plan. It was rather an afterthought. After my under-graduation in mechanical engineering, I was focused on a career in public policy and diplomacy.