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In Conversation With CAT 99.92 Percentiler And IIM Ahmedabad Convert - Chirag Gupta

Over 2,00,000 people took CAT 2018 in November, and approximately 1% of those will be shortlisted to join India's elite business schools in 2019 - the IIMs. But how did

The CAT Journey - So In The End, Was It Worth It?

Final admit from the B schools are pouring in, many of us have converted, many of us are just looking at the sluggish waitlist movement. Amidst all this there are

From 80%ile In CAT '17 To 95.65%ile In CAT '18 - Journey To IIM Bangalore

Taming The Beast Called 'CAT'Engineering is a religion they say. My family is a great practitioner of the same. Right from my grandfather to my mother, each one has learned

IIM A, B, C Or Nothing! How I Pursued My Dreams And Got Into IIM Bangalore

For me, the equation was simple - IIM ABC or nothing. I wrote CAT 2017 with the sole purpose to join one of the top 3- IIMs (The ABC of

How I Broke All The Rules To Live My MBA Dreams

Since I am an Engineer graduating in 2019, Everyone around me was determined to prepare for GATE.I belong to a very small place in Jharkhand called Jhumri Telaiya. Many people

IIM Kozhikode Interview Experience | How To Crack IIM Interviews

After cracking CAT, one of the most stressful parts of getting into an IIM is the WAT-PI round. Every year, thousands of IIM aspirants go through this rigorous shortlisting process

Why You Should Pursue Your MBA This Year

An MBA degree is a life-changing opportunity for anyone who pursues it from a reputed management institute. In India, over 2 lakh people appear for management entrance examinations just to

The Ultimate Guide To Taking CAT Again

Index:Why You Must NOT Get Demotivated By Your CAT ResultDo you even need an MBA?How can you make your profile stronger in one year?What can you do if you have