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Appear For 7-8 Mocks In The Next 30 Days - Arkss, National Head For MBA Prep, Career Launcher

CAT as an exam is all about having a solid strategy in place, and just having that can help you ace the test. We understand that at this point, all

'Don't Change Your Strategy In The Last 3 Weeks' - IIM Lucknow Student

Hello Warriors!Warriors, yes, because you have been no lesser. The heaps of sacrifices that you have made in the bygone months from giving up on that extra hour of sleep

40 Days Preparation Plan For CAT

Should I do only Smart CATs/Mock CATs now that we have only 40 days?Should I leave some of the topics that I am weak in?My scores in two sections are

Juggling Work And CAT Prep - Tips From IIM-B - Collated By Rinku Stephen

One of the most frequently asked question asked by many CAT aspirants is how to work and prep for CAT at the same time. Well, let me tell you, preparing

CAT 2016 - The Dos And Must Dos

It’s that time of year again when every newspaper, website and blog opens up its box of cat-themed puns. So let’s get done with that first – “Belling the CAT”,

7 Steps To Bell The CAT - Abishake Koul, IIM Lucknow

 With CAT and other exams approaching, here are some ways by which you can prepare yourself to bell the CAT:1. Norman Lewis Word Power Made Easy: I read the book

Myths About CAT Preparation By Saket Banka

It is that time of the year again. The official notification from the IIMs is out and for the first time in recent times the exam will be held in

Mathemagical Shortcuts For CAT 2016 By Indrajeet Singh - CEO Of iQuanta

Indrajeet Singh, the CEO of iQuanta gave a new direction to the world of online teaching where the doubts gets cleared within seconds or minutes using the previously neglected medium,