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How A Non-Engineer Cracked CAT In Two Months And Made It To IIM Indore

Is it possible to crack an exam like CAT in a matter of just two months? Yes, and we bring to you an interview with someone who managed to not

'Don't Overhype CAT' - A CAT Topper Shares Tips To Score 99 Percentile In CAT 2019

The CAT exam is a tough nut to crack, and it takes a well-organised strategy and a bucket load of determination to crack the exam. So what kind of strategy

How 99+ Percentilers Prepare For CAT - Tips By Divyansh Gupta, IIM Indore, CAT 99.92 Percentiler

How do CAT 99 percentilers gear-up for the exam? What is the number of hours they spend studying? How do they improve their weak areas, and how do they extract

IIM Ahmedabad Student And CAT 99.86 Percentiler's Tips To Crack CAT 2019

Preparing for CAT is not easy, and as a working professional, it becomes even more difficult to concentrate on studies and balance CAT preparation with work. Even so, the majority

How I Cracked CAT In My Fourth Attempt And Made It To IIM B | Swayam Tibrewal, CAT 99.12 Percentiler

How do CAT 99%ilers study? What is the strategy that they employ to crack a tough entrance test like CAT? How do they keep themselves motivated throughout their preparation journey,

On Cracking CAT And Converting IIM Bangalore Despite A Career Gap

Ever thought of quitting your job for taking a fair attempt at CAT? Well, what would you call it? “A naked short” or “A well-hedged decision”? Well, if the answer

In Conversation With CAT 99.92 Percentiler And IIM Ahmedabad Convert - Chirag Gupta

Over 2,00,000 people took CAT 2018 in November, and approximately 1% of those will be shortlisted to join India's elite business schools in 2019 - the IIMs. But how did

The Right Way To Analyse Mock Tests | Tips From A CAT 99.96 Percentiler And IIM Ahmedabad Student

Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.- Vince LombardlDuring the course of my preparation, I had taken about 60 mock tests for CAT in a period of about