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How I Converted The IIM Nagpur Interview - IIM Interview Experience

In the last week of April 2019, the temperature was well above the forties. Lakes had dried up and so had my aspirations of getting into a decent B-school. That

IIFT Interview Experience 2019

IIFT Score – 44.2 (99.897%ile)Location: IIFT Bhawan, Hauz Khas, New Delhi.Having been a MUNer & United fan (Hint: Search famous Alumni of IIFT Delhi), International events & their co-relation to

MDI Gurgaon Interview Experience 2019

Interview Date: 6th March, 2019.Location: De Sovrani Hotel, Salt Lake, Kolkata.Profile: Oracle DBA (TCS), Computer Science Engineer (WBUT)GD and WAT were on the same topic. We had a GD followed

XLRI HRM Interview Experience - 2019

XLRI was my first interview for a B-School and I believe it certainly was my best. I'll be sharing my complete WAT-GD-PI experience in this post.My ProfileGeneral Engineer Female with

From TATA Motors To IIM Lucknow | IIM L Interview Experience

 Date- 1 Apr 2019Venue- IIM Lucknow Campus, LucknowSlot- AfternoonProfile:- GEM, 2 years of work Ex- 91.20/94.40/9.03CAT Percentile – 98.89WAT Topic- Is intelligence hereditary?(Time limit: 20 mins)This was my last interview of

Common Admission Process (CAP) Interview Experience | IIM Trichy

Apurva Sharma took part in the Common Admission Process (CAP) for her admission to the first and second generation IIMs. The GD and interview rounds are crucial for selection of

IIM CAP Interview Experience 2019

Date: 21/2/2019Venue: MUMBAI (FN)WAT topic: Recently there's increase in demand for ban on movies, books and portrayals of historical and mythological figures. Is india really becoming intolerant? PI Experience:2 panelists P1

IIM Kozhikode WAT-Resume-PI Experience 2019

Date: 18 Feb 2019Forenoon Session Venue: Radisson Blu, Dwarka-13 WAT Topic: India's demography - dividend or liability?Resume: Write about an incidence where your friends (team/subordinates) didn't agree with your decision. How did you