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All You Need To Know About Finance Roles After An MBA

Investment banking is pretty cool right?! But it's not the only career open to you in finance. There are many interesting roles you can work in, with your MBA in

Summer Internship Experience With Global Banking Giant - HSBC | Alisha Hafiz, XIMB

Just when you think you can let your hair down and enjoy the feeling of having made it to the B-school of your choice after much hard work and persistence,

Eight Weeks With HSBC – Internship Experience With HSBC And Key Learnings

When you think of finance roles in B-school, you think of Investment Banking or Corporate Finance roles. To be honest, I wanted to be a part of either of these

Life As An Intern At HSBC - Sidra Jalal, IFMR

Among my batch mates who applied for the internship, HSBC was everybody’s first choice and I was no exception. The process started with an online test prior to GD and

HS_C - To B Or Not To B - Summer Internship Story - Harsh Vajani, JBIMS, Mumbai

They say that the two months of summer internship are life-changing. I would agree to that to a certain extent. The most important thing you learn is how the corporate

Trading Life Lessons As A Summer Intern - Internship Experience At HSBC

Overwhelmed by the aura of the occasion and the venue, my eyes sparkled at the terrific arrangement in place for the welcome of summer interns. This is how the internship

Two Months Behind A Chinese Wall - Internship At HSBC - Gaurang Gupta, IIM Shillong

It’s almost like a dream come true when an engineer with no finance background can get a summer job in a department like equity research. Mine came true on being

A Summer At HSBC - Sushree Acharya, XIMB

The day any student joins a management college, the very first target is grabbing the best internship opportunity at a great company. Though I was sure about MBA, I was