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"Learn For The Sheer Joy Of Learning, Not For Grades"- Switched From CA To HR And Current Topper Of An IIM | Surabhi Sethi, IIM Ranchi

Q1. Hi Surabhi, could you please tell us about your journey to IIM RanchiThe journey to IIM Ranchi was quite an adventure. I can never forget the moment I decided

"Passion Is Priceless" - The Journey Of An IIM Student From Publishing Books To Topping The Class | Kanupriya Jain, IIM Ranchi

Q1. Tell me something about yourself and take us through your journey to IIM Ranchi.Well… that is a loaded question. But, let me give it a shot. I am from

Crossroads: Options But Not Choices

"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players; they have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time, plays many parts!" says

Mocha Before Assignments - The Deep Relationship Between MBA And Coffee!

I must admit that life in a B School is pretty hard to imagine without one important thing. An MBA grad must have guessed it by now…it’s COFFEE!!Have you ever

A Résumé Of Failures - A Counter-Intuitive Hypothesis

“Should I bold this word?” “Can you help me paraphrase this line?” “Should I add this at the top?”  The first-year students came to me for CV advice. Most of the questions were

Breaking The Limits To Reach IIM Ranchi

The One with the DreamsDreams are unbiased. From a beggar to a successful businessman, no one is spared from dreams. They are a part of us. Dreams can be silly

You are the one constant thing in my life – Yamini Chawda, IIM Ranchi

Yesterday, when I was busy in my thoughts, I realised how life had been going through all the peaks and depths, and yet there are some things which remain constant


A SHOPAHOLIC’S PERSPECTIVE ABOUT ADITYA BIRLA GROUP, IIM RANCHIWhen we talk about business and popularity, one of the leading multinational conglomerate well known is Aditya Birla Group. An India based