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The Dirty And Secretive Placements Saga At An IIM

If you ask any B-school aspirant, what he would never want to do in his life, he would probably say ‘sit for placements.’ The placement season is extremely hectic and

Types of People At An IIM - Which Category Do You Belong To?

Are you a geeky hero/heroine or a freebie amigo at your B-School? Which category do you belong to?Being a part of an IIM is a great and the eccentric experience

IIM CAP Interview Experience 2019

Date: 21/2/2019Venue: MUMBAI (FN)WAT topic: Recently there's increase in demand for ban on movies, books and portrayals of historical and mythological figures. Is india really becoming intolerant? PI Experience:2 panelists P1

The Bitter Truths About Life At IIMs

1. Placements – a. Inflated Placements figures – A CTC of 25 lac does not mean the candidate will be earning that amount. In the 25 lac package - roughly 15 lac

The 9 Golden Rules Of IIMs

The beauty of the IIM experience is that there are hardly any rules. You are free to do what you want, when you want. This is a post-graduation course and

The Most Ridiculous Questions Asked To An IIM Graduate

a. Akshay, you are a student at IIM, you will be earning Rs. 1 crore after graduation right?b. Akshay, you are at IIM, you must be from IIT na?c. Akshay,

The Unique Interview Experience At An IIM | The Average Engineer's Encounter

Once the Common Admission Test (CAT) scores are out, the final race to secure a place in the premier MBA institutions begins.However, as it stands out, just getting a call

'Accept The MBA Change, Do Not Settle For Less' - Advice By An IIM Student

Reaching the summit of the mountainous CAT gives that feeling of irrevocable and irreplaceable joy, especially after long hours of grasping concepts, preparations, mock tests, and the ultimate stressful pressure