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Reality Behind The Hype | Internship Diaries - Mechbot Technologies

“People never learn anything by being told, they have to find out for themselves.”― Paulo Coelho, Veronika Decides to DieExperience forms an integral component in the formula of success for

What A Finance Intern Learns At Goldman Sachs - Jatin Nagpal, IIM Bangalore

I interned with the ‘Structured Credit Trading’ desk of Principal Funding and Investments group (yes, the name is fancy) in the Securities division of Goldman Sachs Bangalore. As I write

SCMHRD - Summer Internship At Philips Lighting

The memories of first day at Philips are still fresh in my mind. I met rest of the 17 interns from FMS, NITIE, IIM-I and the likes in a spacious

2 Months At Barclays, A 325 Year Old Bank - Akash Choudhury, SPJIMR

An MBA program is known for throwing together a curated assemblage of characters with diverse experiences, talents and stories with the hope that all of them would learn from the

3 Job-Landing Lessons From An SPJIMR Student From His Internship Experience At Godrej

3 Dialogues, 2 Months, 1 Internship - The Godrej WayDisclaimer: This blog is not about the internship project, or about the internship company. It’s about the intern: three dialogues he heard

Sriram's Motivating Internship Experience At Reserve Bank Of India - IFMR

“Reserve Bank of India” – Whenever we say the name of India’s central bank, we feel proud that it is safeguarding all of us by taking care of monetary policies.

Interview With Garima Sharma From IIM Indore - Best Intern At Axis Bank

We spoke to Garima Sharma, PGP2 Student at IIM Indore, about her experience over the summer at Axis Bank, where she was awarded the title of Best Intern.How was your

The Internship At Indian Motorcycle - Amit Pandey, IIM Rohtak

Almost everything that comes after the CAT registration is a surprise. A surprise that replaces every feeling or reaction you have with jargon or phenomenon discussed thoroughly in your organisational