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How To Brand Yourself Before You Join A B-School - Tips By MICAns

We meet so many people on a day-to-day basis, and when you're on campus, every interaction matters. Right from making the first impression, to class interaction and presentations, you'll have

IIM Ahmedabad Interview Experience And Preparation Tips By An IIM A Student

An interview for a seat in one of the best B-schools in the country which have produced some of our greatest business and economic leaders – it is bound to

10 Commandments To Ace Interviews By Deepa Kapoor - PGD In Management And Leadership

10 Commandments to Ace Interviews by Deepa KapoorDeepa Kapoor is the director of Center for Leadership at The NorthCap University. She is the Program Director for a 1-year PGD in

IIM Interviews Always Have A Surprise Element In It - Subhra Halder - IIM Lucknow

IIM interviews are different from that of an interview at a non‐IIM yet top league B‐School. IIM interviews always have a surprise element in it. Believe it or not, the candidate

How To Prepare For The MBA Interview

With the MBA Entrance exam season coming to an end, many of you would be wondering what to do next. Getting a high percentile is only the battle won but

HR Interview - Tips and Tricks - Priyanka from IIM Lucknow

HR interview forms a very important evaluation criterion for every recruiter. It is that step of the interview process that looks beyond your technical skills and identifies the company fit.

4 Ways to Make Yourself Highly Marketable During Job Search

2016 has brought about a new wave of hope in the job search market. However, one thing is to remain certain though – the cut throat competition amongst applicants, be

Interview Skills To Get You Hired - Tips From A Recruiter

We live in the world where a recruiter receives over 500 applications for 1 vacant position. Let’s assume that ours is the lucky CV that got shortlisted and we have