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From Office Cubicle To IIM Classroom After 9 Years Of Work-Ex: Story Of A Fashionable Father

Rarely do we come across candidates who thought of pursuing regular MBA after almost nine years of work experience. Not only did he think of doing an MBA but also

"It's Not Bravery; I Have No Choice. I Wake Up And Live My Life" - AVS Rajeev's Journey To Trichy

“When I lost my sight, people said I was brave. When my father left, people said I was brave. But it is not bravery; I have no choice. I wake

“90% Hard Work, 10% Luck, 200% Humility” - Many Roads To An MBA – Mitali Gupta’s Astounding Journey To JBIMS, Mumbai

MBA! The coveted management degree inspires many dreams and attracts aspirants from different walks of life. Thus, the hallowed walls of JBIMS host the brightest of the minds from across

From ‘Man In Uniform’ To ‘Man In A Business Suit’ - Sanyam Raheja, 99.35%iler And IIM Rohtak Student

A 19-year-old maverick, for his love of adventures and travelling, decided to take the road less travelled and joined Merchant Navy at the age of 19 and experienced life at

Musings Of The Only Female Doctor In A B-School

As I sit writing this piece in my hostel room at 2 am at night at SCMHRD, I can hear a buzz. My head is buzzing, the hostel is buzzing,

From A Part-Time French Teacher To TISS Mumbai - Many Roads To An MBA

Till about two years back, I had no interest in Human Resource Management. In fact, I never even imagined myself in a managerial role! For as long as I can

An Architect's Journey To An IIM - 99.63%iler, Ashish Aggarwal

Name: Ashish AggarwalCAT Percentile: 99.63%ileProgramme and Batch: MBA 2017-19Work experience: 7 monthsPast Educational Qualification: B.Arch Congratulations on your admissions to IIM Udaipur. What was your overall and sectional score in CAT

MYRA Musings - Many Roads To MBA

Who says MBA is only for one set of people? If MBA is the destination, then there are many roads to MBA! You could be a dancer, an event manager