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NMAT 2019 Official Notification - Important Dates, Registration Fees, Preparation Strategy

GMAC has released the official NMAT notification for 2019! In 2019, NMAT will be conducted from October 4th to December 17th, and results will be announced in the 3rd week

NMAT 2018 Analysis By IMS Experts

OverviewNMAT 2018 on the first day was similar to previous year's exam in terms of its structure. However, there were some differences in the topic-wise composition of the sections. According

An Ultimate And Power-Packed Workshop To Get Into Your Dream B-School

NMAT has begun and CAT isn't too far away. The first hurdles that stand in the way of you getting into a b-school of your choice are these exams. To

NMAT 2018 - A Comprehensive Analysis

NMAT 2018 (Day 1, Slot 1 - 4 Oct, 9 a.m.) mostly stuck to a predictable pattern. There was hardly any surprise. Question wise, the paper was very similar to

How To Perform Well In All Three Sections Of NMAT

When it comes to the entrance test season, for most of the serious aspirants, NMAT is the first exam that they take. The key to performing well at the NMAT

How To Get Into The B-School Of Your Dreams - A FREE Workshop

'MBA is a means to an end and not the end in itself. The end goal is your dream career.' - This has been the founding philosophy of InsideIIM.com. We,

Last Minute Tips For The Last Few Days Of NMAT

December is here, and so are the last few days of NMAT. I still remember the last few days before my NMAT, the preparation that I had been into. That’s

Yashwi Dalmia's Motivating Journey To NMIMS Mumbai

It’s that time of the year for all MBA Aspirants when their brain wires are the sharpest yet most entangled. Entangled? Yes, because ‘n’ number of questions cross the mind