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My Reliance Summer Internship Journey In 9 Minutes! Vaijayanti (FMS) and Sajal (NMIMS) | Vlog 3

Next up, in the series of summer internship vlogs at Reliance, we have Vaijayanti Ambre (FMS, Delhi) and Sajal Suri (NMIMS, Mumbai). Vaijayanti, who is part of the team of

NMIMS Mumbai | Campus Video

NMIMS Mumbai, established in 1981, holds a rich heritage and has garnered numerous accolades over the years. Here is the video describing why our campus is unique and why ABG

Marketing Professional Workshop 2.0

The legacy of Prof. Aughi Dalton’s most awaited marketing workshop has stood unabated through the years. Even this year, the Marketing Professional workshop 2.0 was amazing. It was a pleasure

Just A Regular Techie With Unusual Aspirations!

After spending 4 crucial years of your life in an IT firm, you start to find enough time to introspect life.Unlike me, there would be a lot many people who

Sheer Hardwork and Discovering my Passion - Harsh Gandhi, NMIMS Mumbai

Since my childhood, I was always told the importance of academics and how it was a major part of shaping a person’s life. Since then, I had an influence towards

ABG Competition - Round 1 (COE, NMIMS Mumbai)

Part A:   Peter England - A love affairIt was a long humid day. Completely drenched in sweat, I reached home after an hour long metro ride from Gurgaon to

ABG- A Blissful Guardian- Soovayan Sanyal, NMIMS Mumbai

When I was an infant and my dad returned from work, he could barely resist topick me up on his lap without even changing his work suit. I had my

It's the little things in life that matter the most. | Subhadip Sinha | COE NMIMS

Part A: Why Aditya Birla Group Is Big In My LifeAditya Birla Group (ABG) is so much ingrained in our day to day lives, that it’s hard to not notice