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Happy Vendors = Great Client Fulfillment | Part 5 Of The People Skills Primer

Excited for that 1st day of a new job? Or that summer internship? We created the People Skills Primer so that you can make a great first impression! Click here

7 Steps To Get Your Dream Job At A B-School | Explained By An IIM B Professor

What can you do to make your IIM campus placements better after getting admission and before you join the IIM? Apparently very little. But you can take some early steps

Why Campus Placements Aren't Always Happily-Ever-After

Life is unfair:  if you are part of the 1.3 billion Indians who hustle it out everyday in this highly overcrowded and competitive country, you must have heard these 3

7 Myths About MBA Placements

I didn't get my internship through my summer placement rounds. I'll be very frank with that. And I'm in a start up. And like many of you, I too thought

The Best PoR Is Apparently A Placecommer’s Girlfriend/Boyfriend

It’s final placement season and the anonymous apps and meme pages have become extremely active. One popular meme/post that does the rounds every year in every college is the “Best

6 Harsh Truths About Placements At B-Schools In India

Hush! Finally, it's over! I wouldn't want to be in that phase of my life again (though, I might need to go face it once more). I am not talking

A Letter To All B-School Stakeholders, With Love

Dear All b-school Stakeholders,I am a student at one of the top b-schools in India.I read articles like 'A Letter From A Placecomer, With Love', 'A Letter To The Placecomer,

A Letter To The Placecomer, With Love

Reply-To : A Letter From A Placecomer, With LoveAs the subject says, this has a reference to an open letter from a Placecomer in one of the most reputed B-Schools