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'It's Not Important To Have Everything On Your List But To Achieve Everything That's Listed' - Chitra Kashyap, Topper At IIM Lucknow

In this era of TTMM (Tu Tera, Main Mera :P), and cut-the-throat competition, it is difficult to just scrape through life, for some. But then, there are some, who rise

What A B-School Teaches You The Most Is Time Management And Priority Handling Of Things - Rohit Aidasaani, First Year Topper At IIM Bodh Gaya

Rohit Aidasaani belongs to Indore, MP. He has done engineering in computer science from SGSITS Indore. His CAT 2014 percentile was 97.79. He likes to play cricket and football in his spare

"Do Not Make Studying At IIM Larger Than Life, Enjoy The Studies And The Activities" - Vivek Sinha, First Year Topper at IIM Bodh Gaya

To begin with, what is the difference between "IIM-Bodh Gaya as a dream destination" & "IIM- Bodh Gaya as a place where you wake up everyday"?To be true, being in

'MBA Is Not Only About Academics, It Is About The Overall Development Of Personality' - Shalini Lakhina, First Year MBA Topper At LBSIM

We bring to you an interview with Shalini Lakhina, the first year topper from Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management (2014-16) below-Brief Introduction:Shalini Lakhina is currently pursuing MBA with dual specialization

'Do not limit yourself to studies at B School' - Rimsha Uzair, First Year MBA Topper At MNNIT, Allahabad

We bring to you an interview with Rimsha Uzair, the first year topper from MNNIT, Allahabad (2014-16) below-Give a brief Introduction about yourself. Kindly mention your specialization - MBAI am Rimsha

'The Contribution Of Each And Every Professor Who Taught Me Has A Huge Role To Play In My Success' - Bragadesh Vishwanathan, First Year MBA Topper (Finance) At Asia Pacific Institute Of Management

We bring to you an interview with Bragadesh Vishwanathan, the first year topper (Finance) from Asia Pacific Institute Of Management, Delhi (2014-16) below- Tell us about your educational background. Why did you decide

'An MBA Is Not Just About Shaping Ones Academic Goals. It Involves A Holistic Development' - Partha Sarathi Banerjee, First Year MBA Topper (Finance) at KJ SIMSR

We  bring to you an interview with Partha Sarathi Banerjee, the first year topper (Finance) from KJ Somaiya Institute of management studies and research (KJ SIMSR), Mumbai (2014-16) below- 1. Tell us about

'If I Can Wind The Clock Back, I Would Love To Read Much More' - Deepu Narayanan, First year MBA topper from Kohinoor Business School

We  bring to you an interview with Deepu Narayanan, the first year topper from Kohinoor Business School, Mumbai (2014-16) below-Brief Introduction:Deepu Narayanan is pursuing MBA in Operations from Kohinoor Business School and has