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My Mahindra Diaries - The Induction Phase - A Joyful Beginning To The Journey Ahead

Expectations from summer internships differ across a cohort of students. Some folks are excited by the idea of spending their stipends on everything they have always wanted, others want to

Why TISS Mumbai? - Live Webinar With TISS Students On B-School Selection

The Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai is one of the oldest and most reputed institutes of the country. Established over 8 decades ago, the institute has a plethora of

Why Do MBA Students Feel They Lack Time? | Lessons On Mindfulness | TISS

We all know how hectic B-school life can get. With pilling assignments, long and strenuous lectures, never-ending projects and pressure to get a good placement offer, multitasking gets embroiled in

Final Placements - TISS Mumbai - Class Of 2019

Highlights as per the TISS placement report 2019 -TISS Mumbai conducted its Final Placement Process for the HRM & LR batch of 2017-19, on 13th January 2019. The Placement Process

TISS Interview Hotseat - How To Prepare?

The journey that begins with dreaming of being into TISS to walking through its gates as a student, is bridged by a very crucial step of clearing the PIT and

My Journey From Being A Mother To A TISSian - Against All Odds - TISS

A woman plays many roles - a daughter, a student, a working professional, and a mother. Each role has its own challenges and ever so often, two roles overlap each

One Step Closer: Cracking The HRM & LR GD-PI, TISS Mumbai

Once you get to know that you will be travelling to Mumbai to appear for PIT (Pre Interview Test)/PI (Personal Interview) of TISS, Mumbai, you desperately search on google to

How To Crack TISSNET | TISS Mumbai Students On TISSNET Prep

Thousands of aspirants take up TISSNET every year to get into the prestigious Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS). Most of them apply to opt the Master's program in HRM