Take charge of your life!- Ameet Joshi, NMIMS Mumbai

I come from a defense background. My grandfather served in the Indian Air Force and my father served in the Indian Army. And that is why since childhood I had a strong inclination toward joining forces.  Post my schooling, I tried for NDA (Air Force)twice but could not convert the opportunity as I was conference out and medical out in my first and second attempt respectively. I joined an Engineering college but joining forces was always at the back of my head. In my second attempt of NDA, I was medical out on account of underweight and elbow angle. I realized that to get though the SSB (Service Selection Board) process not only I need to work on my interpersonal skills but also I need to attain high standards of physical fitness to match the coveted Officer Like Qualities. In service to this aim I started running in my first year of college and joined the college gym. There were many other defense aspirants in the college, my roommate being one of them. I contacted them and we decided to dedicate our focus towards the preparation for the SSB process apart from the regular engineering. We used to conduct mock interviews and Group discussions among the group and took feedback among the group and from other friends. We used to have the situation reaction test (SRT), word association test (WAT), picture perception and description test (PPDT) practice using timer. We used to analyse each answer and discuss the same in the group seeking improvement. Finally, the day had arrived – Indian Army and the Indian Navy visited the college for the GD-PI rounds in the final year. I performed well in the GD-PI rounds and was called for SSB in Bengaluru. I cleared the UES Navy-Pilot entry SSB. I was also able to successfully clear my aviation medicals. All the hard work and dedication eventually paid off. I joined the Indian Naval Academy for my physical training and Air force Academy for my flying training and donned that white uniform I always dreamt of.    


I am a committed and focused person who has been exercising discipline in my personal life. I am a happy soul and a reasonable person. I am open to new ideas and have an attitude to always learn.



Debabrata Shukla

Nice to see you grow, I have known you for a while now and I see the transition and the transformation. I like the way you have related the subject to your own life of struggle and glory. You are destined to be great. Keep up. Focus and surprise us with these regularly.

Raghu Nadh

I am a deceplain and planned person since my child good i have been planned my studies and career too.