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Talking about memorable experiences, well, I am amazed that I already have so many memorable ones in such a short amount of time. Before entering into my class on the first day, I had few reservations in my mind regarding the two-year journey that I was going to begin and had butterflies in my stomach.

After spending a good amount of years in the corporate world, I had my prejudices but at the same time felt nostalgic to relive the student life again. To my surprise, all my notions were torn apart when the very first day’s case study was conducted. The introduction of the professor made me feel like, yes, my b-school journey has started. I was amazed at the zeal with which the professor took the entire case study and his enthusiasm was clearly palpable. True to his words, “I am not a lecturer here; I am just like you…a learner”. A humble personality, indeed, but what left me amazed was the way he worked around the entire case study. From the information available to us, he slowly and steadily started developing links and within few minutes, I could see the entire board filled with connectives that resembled like a spider’s web. It was like someone has opened a Pandora’s Box and all the items in it knew where to get their own place on board.

Finally, the epicentre of the problem was in front of me and I couldn’t believe how subtle his problem-solving techniques were. Later I realized that I was running in the wrong direction because I let my assumptions accompany me. Often in today’s world, people carry this extra baggage along with them, unknowingly and fail to realize where they are going wrong in their decision making.

As future managers, many a time we will be in such situations and it’s very important for us not to get biased before taking any decision as there can be tough repercussions later on. Assumptions kill our ability to think in different dimensions and constraint our mind from thinking out of the box. Hence it becomes very crucial for us to analyze the situation at hand consciously and should diligently go through all the pros and cons of the situation before coming to an effective conclusion. On that day, as a student, I learnt this important lesson which I will definitely remember throughout my lifetime. Indeed such memories do stay for long with us.

Which ABG Company would you want to work at and why?

The learning goes on and it’s a continuous curve. The Aditya Birla Company that I would want to work and learn is Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited. The success speaks of itself and one can see this in their list of brands that they have developed from over a time. Louis Philippe, Van Heusen, Allen Solly, and Pantaloons are some of their international brands that everyone wants themselves to get attached with. The world is consuming a wide variety of apparels today, and it’s these brands that have helped people meet their needs and satisfaction. Hence I will not miss any chance to work with such industrial trendsetters.

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