It Takes Sweat, Determination, And Hard Work – IIFT

Having 2 suitcases and my parents with me I entered the gates of the IIFT Delhi. As the car passed by the front gate, I imagined whether I have taken the right decision or not. Seeing my parents smile at me with their heart filled with pride, I knew that I was at the right place. The old hostel where I was allotted my room was pretty much a normal building, but holding the aspirations and dreams of more than 150 students. I entered Room no 26, where I saw my roommate or as we call it roomie. A sweet petite girl from Maharashtra, who greeted me with a big smile on her face. After keeping my luggage, I sat on the bed staring at the wall for the next 2-3 minutes, not able to digest that am I finally here in my dream college. But, as it is said “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” and yes, my hard work has finally paid off. In the next 15 minutes I was again in the ground floor of the hostel near the entrance to bid goodbye to my parents. It is not that I haven’t stayed away from my parents, but this time even though I was just one call away from my parents, things seemed to be different. Different in a new way, Different in a good way.

Induction or call it orientation started the very next day. Well, in true sense we got oriented to what life would be for the next few days. The Personality Development Program was like a Roller Coaster Ride. Having moments of laughter, stress, fear. A well planned one week with lots of group assignments, deadly deadlines, sleepless nights. One of such group assignment was the much awaited ‘Treasure Hunt’. On the day of Treasure Hunt, we had to assemble at the Auditorium at 5am. After sleeping at 3am the previous night I got up at 4:30am, in a hurry to reach the Auditorium I forgot to brush my teeth. Nevertheless, I was late by 5 minutes. The Treasure Hunt teams were divided and I was in a team of 11 people including me.

The first clue took us to the C9 Hostel- The hostel outside the Campus. According to the clue we were asked to have Masala Bun as popularly known by the C9rs from the nearby vendor. After waiting for 5 minutes came the hot steaming Masala Bun. Well, cannot blame the C9rs for bragging about the Masala Bun. After having a heartily treat we moved on to the next location which was inside the College. Thanks to our Slow walking skills or call it our laziness the distance from C9 to College which people normally cover in 5 minutes, we covered it in 15 minutes. On the way back, we had all had our set of gossiping ranging from cribbing about the life in IIFT within those few days to possibly everything under the sun. On reaching the next destination which was the Nescafe, we got our next clue. For the clue, we were asked to sing 3 songs. All the 11 who claimed to be the next singing sensation started singing in 11 different pitches and lyrics. Not even one had slightest of similarity to the original song. After this we moved to our next destination according to the clue which was the Lover’s Lane. On reaching the location, there was a senior waiting with the next clue. The final clue took us back to the auditorium. And finally, we were done with our task. We reached second. But, more than the end result, we were happy with the memories and the fun we had throughout the task.

Today, when I am writing this I have completed exactly 13 days and looking back at the short time that I have spent inside this campus everything seems like a dream. I don’t know how or what my future has in store for me. But, yes the next 2 years inside this campus as an IIFTian will be as beautiful as the people here, the campus, the architecture, the food, the canteen, the hostels, the hangout points.


Which ABG company and why would I want to work for?

I would like to work in Peter England because I will get to learn about how such a big company works and help me in gaining hands on experience and knowledge in the corporate world. I believe this exposure will help me tackle different challenges and also help the organisation as I can learn and apply the concepts and my knowledge simultaneously.

IIFT Placement Commitee



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