Taking India to the World #ABG – Ayushman Banerjee, IIM Nagpur

Why is Aditya Birla Group big in your life? 


I am a person who always prefers to keep things organized, keeping all the track of all matters which needed attention. I remember during my college days, there was a time when I would never keep things for the last, always meeting every deadline that met the eye. But there came a patch when I was not so confident, somehow things did not fall in place and god I was awful & also not so sure about the next step, as you might have guessed this was before the final placements.

Incidentally, I thought that my intellect was enough to drive the interviews, but after a while, I started developing some inertia in my thoughts. I was not sure whether I would be able to pull this off or not. With these thoughts of somewhat disbelief and pessimism, I was browsing through the shows on T.V, and I saw an advertisement for Peter England, which shared the message of “Beginning of Good Things.” It was on a Diwali theme; I was somehow taken aback by that video & saw that most of the things I feared were just in my head and it needs self-belief and determination to achieve the goal. Heck, I went to buy a Peter England Shirt on that very day just to get a feel-good factor & I think somehow it has contributed in a way for where I am today. I can now say that I am a platinum member of their reward scheme and have thoroughly embraced it in my life. I feel Aditya Birla Fashion Retail has always connected to the broader audience in their campaigns. It has been synonymous with the emotions of the consumer while establishing a connect which probably a few others would be able to match up.


How you overcame challenges to achieve your ambitions in life so far?


I want to share my journey to getting into an IIM Nagpur while working for a Power Sector Conglomerate. It was indeed challenging for me to prepare for MBA Entrance Exams since I was working for over three years after my graduation, the work cycle was also odd with shift ranging from 6 AM to 3 AM in the night.

I would say I overcame every hurdle I faced through determination & sacrifice. On weekends when everyone had plans to go out for catching a movie or just going for a drive, I stayed back for the goal I had in my mind. I also realized that when you sacrifice something dearer to you, to achieve something you aspire for it is simply a trade-off which you are making to achieve something substantial in the long run. It was the sacrifices I made, which made me conquer my ambitions, and I hope to continue on the same path for the rest of my life. I aspire to become a better version of myself every day. 




Ayushman Banerjee

Ayushman Banerjee is a first-year student at IIM Nagpur from the PGP (2019-21) batch. He is a passionate follower of cricket & likes to pen down all the funny things going on in his mind, which he fears he may forget.