Tale of a ‘Matka’ in IIM


Tale of a ‘Matka’ in IIM                                                                                                                                            

For those of our readers who are not aware about the term ‘Matka, it is a term often used for M.Tech students in IITs. So when I started thinking about appearing for CAT examination, the obvious question which came in my mind was “But I already have master’s degree from IIT, why do I need another master’s degree?”  It was no longer a typical M.Tech Vs MBA dilemma situation, for me it was MBA after M.Tech dilemma. Fast forward to 6 months, I got interview calls from few of the IIMs. One question which I gave my maximum attention during interview preparation was the most anticipated one – Why MBA after M.Tech?  In one of the interviews, the professor went so far as to say that “Do you know that M.Tech is considered as a black mark on one’s resume?” Later on, I came to know that the same professor holds an M.Tech and a PhD from one of the IITs. Here, I must confess that my M.Tech degree was not so cruel to always play a problem creator for me. It has helped me at several instances, one such instance which I can remember right now was during those “informal interaction sessions” with seniors at IIM. I was treated with slightly more respect than my other classmates. Some of the seniors, who were fresh graduates from college, went as far as calling me ‘sir’ during those “interactions”. Since I had worked for 3 years after my M.Tech, so technically I was 4 years senior to those fresh graduate second year students and hence it was no surprise to me that some of them were referring to me as sir. I was also exempted from doing some of the “tasks” which a fresher is supposed to do during the first few weeks in the institute. Although every senior would tell you that these tasks are designed to prepare you for the tough MBA life ahead but in reality these tasks are designed only for seniors’ entertainment.

Another time when my ‘Matka’ tag haunted me came just after 3 months in the institute. During my summer placements, I was hoping that my IIT tag would help me to get few shortlists. But all my hopes were shattered when I got just one shortlist in first 4 days of placement season. Later on, I came to know that generally HR personnel don’t have time to go through the resumes and therefore they use some filtered keywords such as ‘IIT’,’NIT’, ‘BITS’ etc . These filtered keywords are applied on your under graduation alma-mater and not on your post graduation alma-mater.  The lone interview, which I had with a consulting firm, was also revolved around my decision of pursuing MBA after M.Tech. Unfortunately, this time I couldn’t convince the interviewer about my decision and hence I was rejected in the first round of interview itself.

Back to our classroom, though there would be people who are older to you, but you would be considered more mature than others if you hold a postgraduate degree. 


Thanks and regards,
Rajnish Kumar
Student – First Year
IIM Kozhikode



Ankit Agrawal

Hi Rajnish,
I have a similar case. I wanted to talk to you regarding interview preparation. Can you please tell me a way of contacting with you.
Ankit Agrawal