The Tale Of Term Breaks At An IIM

Hello aspirants!

So, this article is neither based on the CAT preparation nor as to how should you tackle your WAT, GD, and PIs in the final stages. This article covers a stage of the MBA life which conveys the enticing moments, as well as focuses on the shortage of time that you will have after you get into your dream MBA college.

You all must have heard (also expressed in my previous articles) that an MBA program shoots a lot of opportunities towards you. Prioritizing the ones that matter to you will definitely consume your energy, and also end up in taking up your precious time. Term breaks too are not left behind when it comes to prioritization. It’s like 3 AM right now, and I am strolling around the airport, virtually scribbling the words for this article, duly during my so-called term break. Do not get that feeling that I am complaining about it. Doing so will not make me fit for an MBA degree, I guess. After the first year, all of my term breaks have been utilized in some way or the other; either willingly by me, or the situations have made me do the same.

Firstly, forget the concept of vacations after you have stepped into a B-school. I used to have at least a month-long holiday during my under-graduation. Here, at IIM Lucknow, the term breaks hardly last for 4-6 days. And to add to that, you have to very choosy as to how you are going to spend those days. Friends, family, academics, tours, discotheques (you never know), or peace – the decision solely rests upon your shoulders. Here are my insights –

  • First Term break – Those days were agonizing (end of September). If you think you have seen it all during the CAT preparations and the stressful interviews, may God shower His grace upon you. After you have stepped into an institution, a rapid shift of events occurs. A significant part of it is focused upon your summer placement preparations. Mentors, mock-sessions and mental pressure; all of them stretch you together. My term break was totally occupied with filling in the numerous application forms of different companies. I went to a different city for some recreation and ended up filling up forms the whole day in my hotel room. The strict deadlines make sure that you are stuck to your laptop all along. You might be the next in the list.
  • Second Term break – For me, it was a usual term-break (end of December). I went to my family, spent three and a half days there, and then back to college. But, hold on! That was my story. A bunch of students had stayed back in the college in order to simplify the processes linked to the lateral placements, that was in January. A few were attending workshops back in the campus. Some went to trekking. You have three days, and Nepal is like a half-a-day journey from here. So, why not! Again, your utilization of the minimal days depends upon your preferences, and mostly (for me at least) the state of mind.
  • Third Term Break – Now, we are talking in the present tense (end of March). As conveyed above, I am heading back to my home as of now (while I pray for my early-morning flight to be on time). After spending the next three days, I will be flying straightway to my internship location. In this case, I can make an absolute assumption that most of the students will be following the same itinerary. The two-month long internship plays a pivotal role in the MBA curriculum. So, the third break is definitely going to end up in managing the professionals (along with acting like one!).

I can incorporate the ideas of the next three terms as well. But, I feel it will be more worth it to write about my own experiences, rather than writing about what the seniors have done. The idea here is not to scare anyone. Obviously, most of you are aware of it, and it is better to prepare yourself for the life that is coming ahead.

I wish the aspirants good luck for the pending interviews. Rock it and end up jeopardizing your vacations. (Just kidding! You will find your way out; that too smoothly! It is all about preferences after all.)

Devanshu .

Devanshu is currently pursuing his MBA from IIM Lucknow.