XLRI Student’s Tata Administrative Services (TAS) Summer Internship Interview Experience

The Tata Administrative Services is one of the most prestigious and sought-after organisations to work with for not just MBA students, but also MBA graduates. Each year, TAS hires some of the top talents from a select few elite business schools in the country for their 8-week summer internship programme – a chance for MBA students to explore the vast portfolio of one of India’s largest and most revered conglomerates, the Tata Group. In this video, we look at the TAS Summer Internship interview experience of an XLRI Jamshedpur student that landed him an exciting 2-month internship opportunity with TAS!



About The Interviewee

Badrinath Bhimaraj is a part of XLRI Jamshedpur’s PGDM-BM batch of 2018-2020. After graduating from NIT Trichy, Badrinath worked with the Tata Group for nearly two years. After his exciting 2-month internship journey at the Tata Administrative Services, Badrinath managed to get a Pre-Placement Offer (PPO) from the Tata Group!

More About Interning With The Tata Administrative Services (TAS)

“8 weeks of working on exciting real-time projects across group companies. Think of it as a perfect preview to an exciting career at TAS, where new avenues help you find your strengths, passion and path. Make this a summer to remember.”

According to a recent report released by InsideIIM, the Tata Administrative Services (TAS) is one of India’s top-3 dream companies and the most desirable recruiter in the General Management domain for post-MBA professionals and MBA students of top business schools. Therefore, an internship opportunity with TAS is an opportunity of a lifetime and a dream-come-true for most.

Here are some TAS internship experiences that will give you an idea of what it is like to work with the Tata Group:

Journey To The Tata Administrative Services (TAS)

Here are some TAS stories that will give you a glimpse of what it is like to be a part of the Tata Group, and what it takes to get into TAS:

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For TISS Mumbai HRM & LR master’s student Shama Chalke, getting a call from the Tata Administrative Services was an event to remember. Having worked in the social sector and actively taking part in the day to day operations of an NGO, Shama aligned herself very quickly with the values of the Tata Group.

During her stint at TAS, Shama learned how to deal with real-life problems and got a better idea of how to manage resources effectively.

Why I Chose To Step Away From Finance And Joined TAS – An XLRI Alumna’s Journey

People switch their domains to work with the Tata Administrative Services; such is the allure of the organisation! In this article, Miti Vaidya, an ex-Goldman Sachs employee and XLRI alumna explains what drove her to leave Finance and join the Tata Administrative Services!

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All you need to know about TAS!

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