Teacher’s Day Treasure Hunt Event @ MYRA – 5th September 2015

Mysuru warriors in association with MYRA school of business and ExploCiti conducted a teacher’s day treasure hunt on 5th September. A total of 150 participants from various institutions and corporate companies took part in the event. The treasure hunt started at 11am and had a maximum time limit of 28 minutes. The hunt was marked with tremendous energy and enthusiasm on the part of the participants. The Participants were encouraged to use all the resources available to aid them in the hunt. Most of the participants were seen using the internet to solve the questions, while some called up their friends or families for help.

The treasure hunt started at the registration desk. After the registration, the participants were given a clue. To solve the clue, the participants required wit and a basic knowledge of the layout of MYRA. Solving the clue gave them a location, on reaching the location they were posed a few questions. The questions were based Mysuru Warriors as well as on their sponsors. On answering the questions clues for the next location were given.

Some participants took part as a team while some thought it best to hunt alone. Needless to say, there were some pretty good moments to witness. There was not a single person who went disappointed. Everyone enjoyed themselves and appreciated the organizers of the event, ExploCiti, for conducting the event.

The winners of the Teacher’s day treasure hunt were presented genuine Mysuru Warriors merchandise as well gifts from MYRA school of Business. At the end of the presentation, everyone, including the staff of MYRA, and the organisers wished Mysuru Warriors for their upcoming matches.

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Rohit Rajkumar

Wonderfully organized event at MYRA on occasion of Teacher’s Day. I was lucky enough to get a chance to volunteer for the Treasure Hunt event. It was great interacting with other college students and official event sponsor heads.