Team ‘We Are Change’ From IMT Ghaziabad – Mahindra War Room – Season 11

The most exciting thing for a b-schooler is to work on real-world problems of one of India’s top federations. And what better way than to do it with case study competitions? Mahindra War Room is a unique opportunity for business school students. In this series of Mahindra Warriors, we feature the 20 teams – the finalists. The ones who have made it to the last leg of the competition. The series comprises of the Warriors’ journey.

Meet the Mahindra Warriors in this series and tell us who do you think has what it takes to win this year’s Mahindra War Room. Let us know in the comments below!

Introduce each member of your team!

Namratha Pai-She is a person full of ideas. She’s curious, an astute observer and is someone who never gives up. She’s known to be someone who can see opportunities through interdisciplinary integrations and wishes to use this skill of hers to solve real-life problems to benefit the society. She is a trained classical dancer and also enjoys gardening and numismatics. A researcher turned marketeer, she believes that every solution developed/invented, no matter how creative or wonderful it seems, can be called successful or useful only after its proven its worth in the customer’s eyes.

Tejaswi Atluri-She is a silent worker, who believes in quality over quantity. The introvert that she is made her choose the finance domain where she can have fun with the numbers. An enthusiastic person with the zeal to learn anything that comes her way. A voracious reader combined with being a traveller gives her the hobby of being a passionate writer.

Shubham Sachdeva-A person whose superpower is to give in everything he has got when he decides to do something. A mix of strong will and an attitude to never give up is what keeps him going ahead. He has been an entrepreneur with a purpose to give back his learnings back to society and inspire people. Apart from this, he can mesmerize anyone with his voice and singing.

Prajwal KS: He is a rebel and never happy with status-quo, coupled with street-smartness and laziness which makes him take short-cuts that turns out to be a blessing in disguise. Also, he comes with a solid work experience that exemplifies his strategic skills and an excellent sense of design thinking.


What made you participate in Mahindra Warroom Season 11?

MWR is one of the biggest corporate events that happen in India. The case involved is mentally stimulating and explores several angles of the practical world. We desired to apply our problem-solving skills and creativity to test our mettle and hone them further to be ready for a corporate career. We believe competitions like these are the best ways to actually delve into real-world problems and young leaders in the making are better prepared for the real-world battle when they experience these stepping stones.


After getting to know the group better through the competition, What does Mahindra Group stand for, in your mind?

Mahindra stands for trust. Its various diversifications show us that it’s very agile, adaptable to change and is like a dark horse. Its a company which have something to offer to every kind of person, where every moment gives you a reason to shine and rise. Its solutions are meant for everyone-from the grass root level marginal farmers to the tech-savvy modern millennials.


How did you go about picking your case and solving it? Tell us a few team anecdotes

Our team’s 1st and only choice was the agribusiness case. Even as we read the case, each of us instantly related to it. Being like-minded, with a heartfelt desire to bring in that change in something that’s a part of everyone’s lives-food, to help the people who actually sustain our lives-the farmers, we immediately unanimously agreed on the case. We wanted to help the farmers who feed the whole world, themselves be better fed and more self-sufficient.


How are you preparing for the finale?

That’s a secret! You never reveal your moves before the battle!


What is the one question you would like to ask Mr Anand Mahindra when you meet him in person?

Why the theme of big and bold? What is the future that he’s envisioning for Mahindra that the theme weaves in as such?


Your plan with the prize money?

Spend a part of the money to help the farmers whom we interviewed in the course of MWR buy solar powered pumps and panels. The rest, we plan to use it to repay our MBA loans!