Team ‘Mirage’ From Jain University Bags The ‘Finascere’ Title At Revelation 2017

Out of 17 events, 9 events belonged to the Management verticals with Finascere being the prime event of the Finance specialisation. Finascere was instrumental in bringing together the Financial Whizkids from different colleges across the country, ready to fight it out and be the Vanguards at the event, in sync with the theme this year – ‘Vision of the Vanguards’.

Finascere sought to judge the best ‘Financial Minds’ and tested the knowledge, financial acumen, and decision-making ability of the participants amongst a plethora of activities.

The event was conducted across 2 days and consisted of two phases – Phase 1 was an online round in which the registered teams had to create a portfolio of the best stocks made available to them. At the end of the round, 17 teams were shortlisted on the basis of their acumen in getting the best returns after factoring the risks. The shortlisted teams were invited to the college campus for Phase 2, which took place on the second and third days of Revelation 2017.

Some of the best colleges that set foot were teams from SCMHRD, Pune; FORE School of Management, New Delhi; LIBA, Chennai; IMI, New Delhi; IIM Trichy; Jain University, Bengaluru; GIM, Goa; and several others.

The Day 1 commenced with a bidding process in which the teams were allotted a company each and were asked to come up with an ‘IPO Plan’ for the same. Next, they were tested on a tough ‘Macroeconomics Case’, drafted by the elite judges, and had to come up with an analysis on Purchasing Power Parity (PPP). Once that was done, they immediately had to do an ‘Excel Modelling’, cracking their brains to come up with the best solution to the given problem, and doing numerous calculations with accuracy.

The best 6 teams were selected after the elimination rounds and thereafter their stock market skills were tested in ‘MockStock’, which was both difficult and exciting at the same time. The day did not end for them as they were given an overnight task on ‘Mergers & Acquisitions’ in which they had to come up with a viable solution and present on the next day.

The D-Day brought with it a lot of hopes and the teams were all set to break the chains as they came out in full vigour to present their case to the judges. The Team ‘Mirage’ from Jain University, Bengaluru bagged the title of ‘Finascere 2017’. Team ‘Titanium’ from SCMHRD Pune was declared the 1st Runner-up.

A participant from Team ‘Mirage’ quotes, “It was a wonderful experience for me as I got to test my knowledge and skills on this challenging platform.”

All the teams showed immense grit and determination and were always on their toes to show their might. The eccentricity of the participants at Finascere and the brouhaha of Revelation 2017 are unmatched in many ways altogether.

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