Team Quadruples From IIM Ranchi – Mahindra War Room – Season 11

The most exciting thing for a b-schooler is to work on real-world problems of one of India’s top federations. And what better way than to do it with case study competitions? Mahindra War Room is a unique opportunity for business school students. In this series of Mahindra Warriors, we feature the 20 teams – the finalists. The ones who have made it to the last leg of the competition. The series comprises of the Warriors’ journey.

Meet the Mahindra Warriors in this series and tell us who do you think has what it takes to win this year’s Mahindra War Room. Let us know in the comments below!

Introduce each member of your team!

Anubhab – The Marketing & creative hat in the team. He has the ability to give shape to any idea through creative inputs. He has strong skills in PowerPoint presentation making. He is a passionate quizzer & always hyperactive. He has a work experience in an IT firm.

Chetan – The financial hat in the team. He is conservative & has a strong inclination to data-driven decisions. He likes number crunching & has a work experience in a product software and analytics company.

Shubhadeep – The Strategy hat in the team. He has the ability to give out of the box ideas & implementation strategies, which is of great help in coming up with innovative solution. He is a die-hard musician & a movie encyclopaedia. He also has a work experience in an IT firm.

Tanshikha – The youngest of the lot, always booming with energy. She brings in the fresh ideas, perfectly complementing & balancing the rest of the team members. She is a good analyst & very good in critical examining of ideas. She loves travelling as well.

What made you participate in Mahindra Warroom Season 11?

We were first introduced to MWR in the first year of MBA. There we witnessed the level of preparation, quality of submission and the depth of research that went into the competition. There is no B-school competition in India which gives us the opportunity to think, design and develop an idea in such an extensive manner. This motivated us to participate in Mahindra War Room Season 11.

After getting to know the group better through the competition, what does Mahindra Group stand for, in your mind?

There is more to the group than just automobiles and tractors. We felt that the group is genuinely innovating unique solutions that tackle the use cases of Indian consumers e.g. self-driving tractors for farmers, SUV for urban dwellers to seek adventure and fun, aeronautical component manufacturing which requires great accuracy etc. The core pillar of all these innovations is empathy with the Indian and genuine motive of using technology and capital for the greater good of the society.

How did you go about picking your case and solving it? Tell us a few team anecdotes.

We first made a list of cases and indicated interest and passion of each member against each of the shortlisted case. Cases with no interest were eliminated and the rest of the cases were selected for brainstorming. We brainstormed for straight 8 hours on these cases and finally found consensus and maximum interest in the healthcare strategy.

How are you preparing for the finale?

We’re excited about the finale, we are making sure that each point in our solution is well thought through. We are challenging many points and gathering data from many sources to fine tune our overall strategy.

What is the one question you would like to ask Mr Anand Mahindra when you meet him in person?

We have seen Mahindra making giant leaps in innovations such as electric cars, self-driving autonomous tractors and much more innovation. But we are yet to see a strong Indian private player entering in the space race and competing for the likes of SpaceX, Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic in reusable rockets. Our question is, will there be Mahindra space venture in future?

Your plan with the prize money?

Anubhab – Buying the much-coveted Nikon D5600 to hone the photography skill Chetan – Traveling and exploring the not so visited tourist destinations in India Shubhadeep – Buying a new Gibson acoustic guitar plus home recording set up Tanshikha – Investment in some areas