Team Upswing From FMS Delhi – Mahindra War Room – Season 11

The most exciting thing for a b-schooler is to work on real-world problems of one of India’s top federations. And what better way than to do it with case study competitions? Mahindra War Room is a unique opportunity for business school students. In this series of Mahindra Warriors, we feature the 20 teams – the finalists. The ones who have made it to the last leg of the competition. The series comprises of the Warriors’ journey.

Meet the Mahindra Warriors in this series and tell us who do you think has what it takes to win this year’s Mahindra War Room. Let us know in the comments below!

Introduce each member of your team!

Aravind K R- Hailing from Kerala, Aravind is an electronics and communication engineer by degree and a marketer by work experience. He worked as a used automobiles dealer and then later as a B2B marketing associate at BYJU’s classes. Aravind interned at Amazon where he developed the geographical strategy for Paid search marketing. Passionate in the field of business, he likes to go out on the field and learn the market before developing any ideas related to it. He has been National Runners Up in J&J Quest, Winner in ITC interrobang, and Campus champion in Mahindra War room.

Manisha Kumari- Manisha, a Bachelor of Management Studies graduate from Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies, DU, has been involved in corporate Business activities since her graduation by being part of promotional activities by Brands like Lava. An avid reader, she keeps herself updated with the latest trends followed by companies in their communication strategies. She did her internship at Pernod Ricard where she developed the appropriate Last 3 Feet strategy for Delhi market. She has been National Runners-Up in J&J Quest, Winner in ITC interrobang, Campus champion in Mahindra War room and Campus winner in Vodafone Voyage.

Jayant Sharma- Jayant Sharma comes from a family where sports and education play an important role. He has been good in academics, apart from that he is a sports person. He was under 15 state-level cricket player (left-handed opening batsman). Because of sports qualities like discipline, being calm under pressure, delivering when it matters have become part of his core values. He has been National Runners-Up in J&J Quest, Winner in ITC interrobang, and Campus champion in Mahindra War room.

Athithyan A- Athithyan has 21 months of work experience in the fashion industry. He worked in procurement operations in Arvind Lifestyle Brands Limited. He did his internship at Mondelez,  in Sales (Trade Marketing). He has good fluency in Tamil, Telugu & Kannada, and can understand Malayalam also. He has worked in the Factory environment, corporate, as well as in Feild sales. He likes to participate in many activities apart from acads.  He is a national runner-up in the corporate competition of J&J.


What made you participate in Mahindra War Room Season 11?

The legacy of the competition itself. We have been hearing about the reputed competition by Mahindra even before joining MBA and one of us personally know someone who joined the company through this competition. The motivation by him helped us work hard for the competition as well.

After getting to know the group better through the competition, what does Mahindra Group stand for, in your mind?

We would associate Mahindra group with two things: “exploring opportunities” and “Things at a place”. We have realized that Mahindra group not only focusses on the current scenario and improve it extensively but also looks forward to the opportunities in the future, and hence “exploring opportunities”. We have been participating in other competitions but have never come across a structured one like War room and never seen such diligent, transparent and organized way and feel this trait of “things at place” is throughout the group.


How did you go about picking your case and solving it? Tell us a few team anecdotes.

One of the team members, Aravind K R, had worked as a used automobiles dealer himself and hence we could have initial industry and value chain knowledge by picking this case. Secondly, the case by itself was so interesting and had numerous options to ideate. When the case study was released, every team member was in their hometown and hence the first thing we did was to have a primary research from all these different parts of India. We have interviews recorded in Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam and English because of the same.

How are you preparing for the finale?

For the finale, we are doing more and more ground research to estimate the impact of our ideas in quantitative terms, by visiting more First choice dealerships and talking to more prospective customers and used automobiles dealers.

What is the one question you would like to ask Mr Anand Mahindra when you meet him in person?

Mahindra has been focusing on electric cars. Can we expect a high-end electric car like Tesla from Mahindra in the coming years?

Your plan with the prize money?

We plan to Mechanize 4 man pulled rikshaws in the Delhi University area make life easier for 4 of them. With the remaining money, we wish to tour the country of China and visit Chinese villages and experience a totally different culture.