5 TED-Ed Videos For Curious MBA Aspirants

Curiosity didn’t kill the Cats, instead, it gave them their nine lives!  -The Wolf Monk (@theancienthowl)

Curiosity is often underemphasized. But, it is one of the strongest markers of success.

When was the last time you had that feeling of inquisitiveness engulfing your existence?

When was the last time when you surfed the internet to discover why something works the way it is?

In this endeavour to crack the CAT and other exams, how many of us learn a concept out of curiosity? Do you feel 100% confident after learning that concept, if it wasn’t learned out of the desire to learn?

Curiosity might not be necessary to crack CAT and ace the interviews, but it definitely contributes to a higher achievement which leads to happiness.

With this tone of curiosity set, let me bring to you these amazing TED-Ed videos that are for all the curious learners around the globe. As you know, TED-Ed is TED’s youth and education initiative and it provides great and interesting contents and lessons in the form of animated videos. As they say, these are “Lessons Worth Sharing”:

Did you know that there are over 170,000 words currently in use in the English Language? Yet, every year, about a thousand words are added to the Oxford English Dictionary! In this TED-Ed video, Marcel Danesi explains to us how these words make it into our everyday lives and where do they come from in the first place. In fact, the English language has adopted so many words from the other languages that half of its words come from different languages like Greek, Latin, German, French, Japanese, etc.


Have you wondered that when speaking, it is often hard to remember the grammatical rules? These rules don’t seem hard when writing. When should we say ‘The Cat and me’? When should it be ‘The Cat and I’? When does it matter? If the message is conveyed with it’s meaning intact, why is the grammar important? Watch this video by Andreea S. Calude to dive into the argument between linguistic prescriptivists and descriptivists — who have two very different opinions on the matter.


Ever come across a street where there are many restaurants in one place? Same with gas stations, coffee shops, automobile repair shops, recharge shops, etc. They exist in groups instead of spreading evenly throughout an area. A simple story known as the ‘Hotelling’s Model of Spatial Competition’ as narrated by Jac de Haan clears the air around this. Discover how Game Theory and the Nash Equilibrium inform these retail hotspots.


Maths. Many numbers and equations pop in our minds on hearing this word. There are many sets of rules and results that can be modified or simplified to get the desired result. But there has been one rule which can never be altered or broken, i.e. never to perform division of anything by zero.

Anything divided by zero isn’t infinity, it tends to infinity!

This one is definitely going to raise your curiosity. We have seen ourselves break down under pressure at the last moment. Even after months of preparations and practices, we fail to give our 100% on the D-Day. Can you recall any such incident? CAT?

There is a worded phenomenon for this- ‘Choking’. Everyone in this world has been trapped in the clutches of choking at least once in their lives. We fail when it matters the most. In this video, learn how to stay calm under pressure and perform at your best.


You may have your reasons for pursuing an MBA. With the correct preparation tips and perseverance, you will definitely get into your dream b-school and graduate with flying colours. Even get into your dream company and scale the heights to reach the top. You will have your education, your wits and experience to help you but, that single quality that will make you go the extra mile in order to achieve that extra mile is- Curiosity.

So, use this compilation to explore the innocent curiosity inside you. The more you know, the more amazing the world seems.

Stay curious!

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Parth Shekhar

The author is an entrepreneur by nature and an aspirant by heart. He worked in IT domain for 2 years. After pursuing 'Certification in Entrepreneurship Management' from XLRI Jamshedpur, he is currently involved in family business and also was a part of the iART program 2018 at insideIIM.