#TEDxFORESchool – ‘Past, Present, Future?’

The self-preservation of the current and future generation from an economic, societal as well as an environmental standpoint holds a very high degree of importance. In light of the rapid changes that have taken place in the world over the past years, several of which have had a negative impact on the present generation, students of FORE School of Management, Delhi have chosen the theme for the highly coveted #TEDxFORESchool 2015 event as ‘Past, Present, Future?

Moving on from a few sustainability initiatives to more sustainable business models and best practices; the triple bottom line including people, planet and profit; the carbon credits and related ethical issues will be taken up thread bare by a host of eminent speakers and thought leaders in the field, on 31st January, 2015 at FORE auditorium.  

Effective sustainability for future generations is of paramount importance and FORE School is known to have taken many such initiatives in sustainability and green planet, in the past. “We produce so we pollute, approach has to be stopped. Any by-product of a production system if not used by another production system, is a pollutant. Innovative models should actively integrate sustainability principles into the businesses. Business houses need to take a long-term strategic view by identifying sustainability opportunities that hold the highest value potential and goes far beyond reputation management or PR stunt. Only then, the future generations will hold respect for the past generations,” said, Dr. Jitendra K. Das, Director of FORE School of Management, Delhi.

Some of the thought leaders expected to speak at the event:


PRADEEP KASHYAP : known as the ‘Father of rural marketing’, is founder and CEO of MART. He has conceived several new concepts, like ‘micro-finance to mirco-enterprise’, ‘public private partnership’ for development sector and ‘rural marketing’ as an important growth strategy for corporate. He introduced the subject of “Rural Marketing” in B-Schools and has also authored the most comprehensive ‘Rural Marketing’ book, for students and practitioners.


S K SONEE : CEO of Power System Operation Cooperation Limited (POSOCO), a wholly owned subsidiary of Power Grid Cooperation of India Limited. He has more than three decades of first-hand experience of grid management as RLDC head in three out of five regions in the country viz. Eastern, Southern and Northern.


RAJ KUMAR JHA : Also known as the voice of rural India, who has done tremendous amount of work in rural marketing as VP of Rural Marketing Authority of India, National creative director for Ogilvy Outreach and a farmer himself, he knows the rural India inside out. He has also crafted awareness campaigns for HIV, RCH, TB, Sanitation, Safe Water, Immunization, Pulse polio, Hand wash and is a visiting faculty across the top MBA colleges across India.


RACHANA DHINGRA : set up the Bhopal Action Network to support not just the cause of Bhopal survivors but for survivors from other chemical disasters across the world. She has been has diligently working for the last 10 years to bring forward the plight of Bhopal Gas Tragedy victims at various local, national and international platforms. It’s her belief that it’s the power of ordinary people that make them do extraordinary things. In the year 2011, Ms. Dhingra was awarded the India Today “Woman of the Year” award in Public Service Category for giving up a promising career and moving to Bhopal for human welfare.


RAJNISH JAIN : The founder of AVANI Bio Energy and a Social entrepreneur who is involved in various projects in the area of rural empowerment, capacity building, solar energy projects and livelihood generation programs for the local population.  Avani is a non-profit organization that builds power stations to generate clean electricity and cooking charcoal. It is because of his and his teams’ efforts that the destructive pine needles which once caused a massive forest fire in Himalayan region of Uttrakhand are now seen as a source of electricity. For his exceptional work; he was awarded the Amazing Indians award by Times Now, Spark the Rise by Mahindra in the year 2012.


Other speakers lined up are NSN Murthy who provides advisory support to Center of Social Research; ALok Gupta – an expert in digital forensic & cyber security, Sanjoy Hazarika – reporter of New York Times presently Dir Centre for North East Studis and Policy R esearch and  Natasha Jha – Senior Anchor/Journalist/Social Analyst at Lok Sabha Television (LSTV), Parliament of India and has worked for UNIFEM.

TEDx (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is an independent TED-like event, whose prime objective is to celebrate and disseminate various ideas in a coherent, simplified manner. To listen to the host of powerful speakers and thought leaders one may book seat http://tedxforeschool.com/index.html#portfolio.

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