Tell Me Something About Yourself

“So tell me something about yourself”.

This appears to be a really simple question but, in fact, is really difficult to answer. There is so much to tell the interviewer about yourself, but you don’t know from where to start, you don’t know how to frame it, you don’t know if you should just mention the same thing on your resume or tell him/her the story of your life. You don’t know and you start to sweat.

Do not worry. There is a very simple method to use to answer questions like these for any interview. Use this like a sales pitch to convince the person opposite you to hire you immediately. For this remember these 3 questions-

-What do you do currently?

-What were you doing previously?

-What do you intend to do in future?

Answering the current, previous and future questions is the most effective way to tell someone something about yourself. They should be a fool-proof response to the interviewer.

For example, during an interview, an interviewer asked Paul “So Paul, tell me something about yourself.” Paul replied, “I am currently a relationship manager at HDFC Bank, where I handle a couple of important clients. Before that, I interned for a digital transformation project at Vodafone. I aspire to work in a top multinational bank which is why I was so excited about this interview at Standard Chartered.”

While doing so, try and highlight the skills you have that is apt for the position at the company you are applying to. Let them know about your strengths and tell them something that is not on your resume. So prepare accordingly, and stay calm throughout.