10 Things that make IIM Lucknow Special

Ten things that make IIM Lucknow special!

1.       Batch diversity

IIM Lucknow boasts of students from diverse academic and professional backgrounds. Recent batches, for instance, have had students from academic backgrounds as diverse as Arts, Commerce, Engineering, Literature, Economics, Mathematics, Medicine, Architecture, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology to name a few. Most students bring with them prior experience of working with leading companies from various sectors and bring an all new perspective to the classrooms. This results in stimulating class discussions and also adds to the overall learning experience of all the students.

2.       All round development

Hectic schedules do not deter the passionate from their dreams. From the music band 3.4 to the dramatics club Abhivyakti, and from the quizzing club Quizzing Commoners to the dance club Random Walk – the campus is abuzz with activities to cater to the students’ interests in every area. Then there are competitions such as i-brands and 70mm which give the students an opportunity to put their creativity to use.

The major events at IIM Lucknow include the marketing fair Index, the cultural fest Varchasva and the biggest management fest Manfest – all of which promise tremendous amount of learning for the students along with loads of fun! All these events witness huge turnout year on year, with maximum participation by the students.


3.       The faculty

Leaders in their respective areas, the members of the faculty are drawn from various fields of management. Besides conducting regular classes and the MDP (Management Development Program for continuing executive education), the faculty conducts independent research and offer consulting services to business organizations. The Institute provides on-campus family lodgings to all permanent administrative and teaching staff; so they are available to students at all hours for personal attention.

More details can be found at http://www.iiml.ac.in/faculty_staff_areawise.html

4.       The beautiful campus

Spread over 185 acres, the IIM-Lucknow campus is set in a serene environment, and not only provides an excellent ambience for the community’s academic endeavours but also provides them with an opportunity to unwind. Replete with ergonomically designed buildings, well-manicured lawns and stands of large trees on a beautiful virgin site make IIM-Lucknow one of the most beautiful campuses in India. It doesn’t take long to fall in love with the place and the ambience in the campus is something that every student leaving the campus misses the most. As you see the seasons changing you will only gradually fall in love with the place and it will start to feel like home. Ask anyone!! From the beautiful autumn hues to the foggy cold nights of the winter you will love it all.

5.       The Alumni

Many of IIM Lucknow alumni have achieved unparalleled success in the world’s most recognized organisations displaying enthusiasm, level-headedness, commitment and ethos. Others have built on the training imparted at IIM-L, to initiate their own ventures in fields as varied as education, market research, music & film. These alumni serve as a source of inspiration for batches both present and future. More details on http://www.iiml.ac.in/Alumni_Brochure.pdf

Alumni from across the globe fly down to the campus from time to time to share their experiences with the students. The alumni association of IIM Lucknow also offers a mentorship program to students, which aims to develop a one-to-one, mentor-mentee relationship between an IIML student and an alumnus. The student mentee benefits from the experience of the mentor, resulting in a rewarding relationship for both, which often extends beyond the student’s graduation from IIML.

6.       The facilities

IIM Lucknow boasts of one of the best infrastructures across all b-schools in the country. The institute continuously renovates its sporting facilities adding new individual and team sporting arenas to facilitate and foster overall development of the sporting spirit among the community. It has a state-of-the-art gymnasium, pool tables and board games in all the hostels, indoor badminton courts & outdoor facilities for tennis, basketball and volleyball. The campus also has a swimming pool and squash court. The institute library is spread over 30000 sq. feet, is two storied, air conditioned and has a functionally designed building with a seating capacity of 250 readers. It acts as the main learning resource centre for the institute. The campus also has a medical center that serves as a hub for basic health-care. It is equipped with basic diagnostic equipment and has physicians working round the clock.

For more details visit http://www.iiml.ac.in/facility_tour.html

7.       Regular workshops and industry interactions

Regular workshops and guest lectures by prominent people from the industry are conducted throughout the year, to give the students a perspective about how things work in business from professionals who have been there and done that! There are also several competitions conducted and live projects given to students by major organisations. This gives the students exposure to real problems from the industry.

8.       Student Exchange programme

The institute has a tie up with around 28 universities for its student exchange program. The students who apply for the International Student Exchange program get a chance to go to one of these prestigious universities abroad to expand their knowledge and challenge their intellect. Almost 50 IIM Lucknow students go to universities in Europe and Canada each year as a part of the student exchange program. International students, who visit IIM Lucknow from these universities, bring with them all new insights which further add to the class discussions and peer learning.

Every attempt is made by the students to make the visiting students feel like home during their stay at IIML. The student exchange committee of IIM Lucknow organises Euronite – a program to celebrate the coming together of students from different cultures. More details can be found at http://iiml.org/blog/?p=640

9.       Comprehensive course curriculum

The course curriculum at IIM Lucknow is designed to keep the students equipped with all the know how to excel in the industry. IIM Lucknow offers its students a wide range of electives to choose from. There is constant review of the courses offered – new courses are added and the existing modified from time to time – based on the changing needs of the industry.

The students are also given an opportunity to learn about fields that they are passionate about with workshops in areas such as Sports Marketing, Behavioural Finance and Business Of Entertainment to name a few.


10.   The Placements

IIM Lucknow hosts almost all the big players from across all sectors for its summer and final placements. The placement process at IIM Lucknow is well managed and extremely efficient, favouring both recruiters and students. The number of offers made by different organizations to the students in recent years is a testament to the robustness of the placement process. IIM Lucknow has also seen a rise in international offers made to its students over the years. Many multinational firms have offered niche profiles to students signalling a shift away from mainstream roles recognizing the diversity of the pre‐MBA work experience of the batch.


This article is updated by Debalina Haldar, class of 2015 student at IIM Lucknow. Her novel, The Female Ward, was published in May, 2013. She is the Creative Head and Core Coordinator of the Media and Communication Cell at IIM Lucknow.

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