Ten Things That Make IIM Rohtak Special

Let us give you a mind tour of the IIM in the NCR- IIM ROHTAK and enumerate ten factors that make IIM ROHTAK a special place for aspirants all over the country!


1. The Campus: The lush green 665 acres sprawling MDU campus, with well-maintained infrastructure and easily available facilities, is currently the temporary host to the institute. With Delhi only an hour and half drive away, the campus is strategically located. With almost all the facilities of the university, the Gym, the Cafe or the Mart, available at the Institute’s disposal, students have almost everything one can want in a campus. (Nonetheless, construction is under full swing and the Institute is expected to move really soon to its own campus).

2. The curriculum in IIM Rohtak, tailored with utmost care, is sensitive to the ever-changing industry requirements. Skills in demand, like Data Analytics, are taught in the first year itself. Not to forget the guidance of the well-qualified professors and visiting faculties, which help the students in improving their academic understanding and approach. The environment of academic research, which is prevalent in the institute, is also something worth mentioning. 160 publications and 74 conference papers from faculties is a portrayal of that fact.

3. One of the major fortes of IIM Rohtak is its industrial relations. And summits such as Management Conclave, HR Summit, CXO Summit, Entrepreneurship Summit and others speaks for it. In the last year alone, the IIM in the NCR has experienced 120+ interactions with industry which include ample number of guest lectures from industry leaders, first hand interaction with HRs, executive officers, C-level executives, and managers of big reputed firms. Of course, being in vicinity of Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida is a major advantage.


4. The “Kathor” Life: There is a reason we are colloquially called Kathors. And no, it is not because ‘Kathor’ is ‘Rohtak’ spelled backwards. The rigors of the MBA life are many with 9 a.m. lectures, case studies, presentations, conferences, events, clubs, committees, meetings, multiple deadlines, no weekend holidays only being a few. Add to it the mind numbing cold of the north with the winters as chilly as they get. It may not be the easiest path to walk on, but once you are used to the Kathor life, you actually start enjoying it. Discussing assignments over tea breaks, deciding where to eat outside or whom to approach for the occasional booze parties, these small joys make life worthwhile. All in all, you will love living, studying and growing as a person, finding kindred souls in your own tightly knit groups of friends.

5.  IIM Rohtak has a vibrant cultural life, with its share of enjoyments and parties. Be it the Indian festivals of Diwali, Navaratri, Holi or in-campus celebrations such as Cultural Night, Winter Party, War of Sections or the annual management festival, Infusion, there is something or the other going on, to keep you pumped up throughout the year.

6. Sensitive to the plight of the girl child in Haryana, one of the flagship initiatives of IIM Rohtak is the Run For The Girl Child Mini Marathon. Bringing in a footfall of close to 5000 individuals and almost 2500 participants, managing such a crowd is a daunting task to say the least. Yet, the coordination and good teamwork of almost 100+ volunteers is an amazing thing to experience. It is true when they say, you grow along with a growing institute.

7. Firmly believing in giving back to society, the two wings of the Social Development Cell of IIM Rohtak- ECIS (Every Child in School) and Sparsh, do their fair bit in sensitizing students to various social issues and urge them to become active contributors  in solving them. Be it organizing menstrual health awareness camps in local girls’ schools to blood donation drives to teaching under privileged kids, students oversee all the activities, learning how to become better citizens and training themselves to become the frontiers of the future of India.

8. The IIM in the NCR may also safely be said to be the most entrepreneurial IIM of all. The Entrepreneurship Cell, popularly known as E-cell, works hands in glove with the Bizdome Incubation Council, a Company’s Act 2013 registered company, to help entrepreneurs realize their dreams by providing them with seed fund. With UN appointed Board Members, Bizdome helps young entrepreneurs’ ideas see the light of the day. The yearly entrepreneurship Summit Udaan also is the home of many lively and bright debates. Bizdome has recently incubated its first startup, Universal Solar.

9. The Institute is one of the few in the country which can boast of its own Finance Lab. Serving as a safe haven for all finance enthusiasts in the campus, this is the place where seniors hold Gyan sessions for the benefit of the juniors. Equipped with 12 Bloomberg Terminals, the lab is where intellectual lengthy discussions take place.

10.  Entering uncharted territory, IIM Rohtak organized Film Summit in 2016, the first ever summit of its kind ever organized by a B-school. Along with the various nuances of film making, IIM Rohtak students learnt the mechanics of business in the film industry as well. The event saw the presence of eminent personages from the film industry.