A Thank You Note – 7 Things I Would Like To Thank InsideIIM For

Applying to be a part of student team 3.0 is probably one of the best decisions I have made.Read on to find out all that I am thankful for during my Student Team 3.0 journey from 28th March – 27Th December 2017.

  • Writing has become a Habit which I will never let go: They say that it takes 66 days for a new habit to become automatic- So has writing for me😊  I always had an itch for writing. Having one of the cliched personalities (yes, laziness) I always told myself “Swathika, you are in an MBA college. You have no time for writing. You have so much to study and hundreds of cases to prepare…”, but I ended up most of the time whiling time off. Being part of the retail club, I used to sprinkle my writing skills in the communication emails we used to send out. And that was that, the exhibition of my passion for writing. And then InsideIIM happened. I made time to understand what the audience is looking out for and writing an article inclined towards that subject with a blend of my style. That was when I realised how wrong it was for me to come up with these lame excuses to avoid pursuing my passion alongside my MBA. Thank you InsideIIM for giving me a chance to realise that life is never too busy to let go of your passion. You can always make time if you want to.
  • A chance for me to represent IIM Indore: It is not every day that we get to represent our Institute unless you are on some competition or special event. But I got the chance to represent IIM Indore for 9 solid months. Being part of IIM Indore, I knew that there were many myths that I was able to prove wrong through my writing. Click to read those articles -> Batch Size Article , Himalayan OutBound. Thank you InsideIIM for giving me a chance to be more than just a part of my institute and be able to make that tiny little difference from my side.
  • Entrepreneurial Sales and Marketing: As a part of InsideIIM, I did not only have to write articles but also widen the reach of various articles written by others and myself. Circulating articles, tracking the reach, exploring various techniques of marketing made me feel like, I was an entrepreneur trying to market product. Thank you InsideIIM for cultivating a better marketing person in me through hands-on work.
  • The inclination to learning of Google products: Talking about circulating articles and being able to track them, for tracking the reach of the articles, the Student Team was introduced to Google analytics. I had never used Google analytics before and I must say, I was more than intrigued by this Google Product that led me to a deeper interest in Google AdWords. This triggered a team of us to take part in the Google Online Marketing Challenge and we emerged as the Asia Pacific Winners of GOMC 2017! Thank you InsideIIM for seeding this interest in me.
  • Differences I made: The goal that I had set for myself before being part of Student Team 3.0, I wanted to chill down the thousands of students who were taking things way more seriously and stressing themselves out. I wanted students to read my articles, feel better and get more motivated. Getting into IIM, there were many family friends and relatives that sought my help to also crack CAT and convert calls. Being part of InsideIIM, I was not restricted to help only my close circle, but also thousands of students from there. Thank you InsideIIM for providing me with a platform like Konversations to help more people out there 😀
  • Stardom: Trust me, this is the best one of all! Helping others is one part of it. But getting to know that others are following your articles and know better about your articles than you, wow! The best feeling ever! Thank you InsideIIM for giving me my stardom moments, it has made my day several times 😊
  • Freedom to be myself: Throughout my journey, all the articles that I wrote I was never asked to change my style/ content of my articles. The story is different when writing novels. Before stepping into student team 3.0, I thought there would be stringent guidelines we will have to follow. But to my greatest surprise, I could be myself. I stick to simple English and I have a kind of bubbliness to my writing. Since we write articles about the various aspects of MBA, I thought I would be nudged to write in a more serious manner, but no. Thank you InsideIIM for allowing me to be myself and write as Swathika. 😊

It was one “helluva” journey for me. This is not the end, but the start to new beginnings! Cheers! 😊

Swathika Selvam

Swathika is a computer science engineer from Coimbatore and currently, she is studying in IIM Indore. As part of the senior team of Merchand-I club (the Retail club of IIMI), one can often spot Swathika at their retail shop (a.k.a Pi-Shop), in the campus. With the passion for writing since young, Swathika has written and published a storybook titled “2 Meddlers” and hopes to publish more of her works in the coming years.