The 6 IIMs Alumni Report – FMCG & Consulting – Part 2

Second in our series, we look at the FMCG and Consulting Sectors today.

First things first, Thank you to the people who made this possible – The Founders of

Reid Hoffman
Allen Blue
Konstantin Guericke
Eric Ly
Jean-Luc Vaillant

Large pools of aspirants dream of getting into some of the top Consulting companies in the World. In fact, on our helpline ‘Eklavya’ over 70% queries are on Consulting and everyone seems to be wanting to become a Consultant.

A career in FMCG has always been glamorous. It is one sector that definitely got a boost after liberalization, but was always in demand even in the 1980s and early 1990s (A time when a Career in Advertising was also a dream for many. Mostly, due to the excitement around the growing popularity of Television)

Points to note before you look at the data below:

1) This data has no Time filter unlike Part 1. It shows number of professionals on LinkedIn currently working at the below mentioned companies.

2)We have chalked up a list of 15 most desired FMCG and Consulting companies and mapped each of the 6 IIMs against each  of the 15 companies.

3)We got a lot of queries around the IT roles data depicting a skewed picture and hence wherever significant, we have filtered out IT related and HR/admin roles as much as possible. In spite of this, there will still be some amount of IT related roles hidden in the  Consulting data below. But the numbers are good to make a trend. Beyond this, no domain/function filtering has been done. So FMCG numbers include Corporate and Business Development, Commercial, Supply Chain and other such functions in the data below.

4)Please remember the data below is based on user generated data. Hence, it cannot be 100% accurate

5)It includes professionals who may have attended other programmes at these institutions. Not everyone, in the sample has attended the 2 yr flagship PGP programme. For e.g. it may even include someone who has done a 3 day certificate programme at any IIM.

6)It includes current PGP students who are undergoing summer internships and have updated their profile with the name of the organization they are interning in.

7) Before running down an institution, please be aware of the context. 13 batches of IIM Indore, 14 batches of IIM Kozhikode, over 25 of IIM Lucknow, over 35 of IIM Bangalore and over 45 of IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Calcutta have graduated since Independence. Also note that most of the LinkedIn users we found in our sample are alumni who have graduated between 1990-2012.

8)And finally, please note that the list below is NOT EXHAUSTIVE. Not everyone is on LinkedIn. This report just serves as a trend spotter at best. Team InsideIIM is not responsible for any career decisions taken solely on the basis of this report.

It’s not tough to see how Alumni drive placements to a large extent when you look at numbers above. For e.g. What explains the number 49 for J&J – IIM C alums and the next best number being 15 – IIM Alums!

The fortunes of IIM I and IIM K are inter-twined and for many years they have behaved like twins.  IIM Indore has an edge it seems when it comes to sending alums to FMCG companies. It will be an interesting space to watch as we update this data every 6 months.

There are many such insights you could draw out and we leave that you. All the best for your expert analysis on the above 🙂

We shall meet you tomorrow with Banking & Finance.

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Good job InsideIIM. I have a query. When I look up these companies on LinkedIn, the number of people in the list 'Your college alumni' is different from what has been mentioned here. Why is that so? Am I missing something?
Btw, I am from IIMC.

Team InsideIIM

You need to filter out your previous colleges/education institutions. Plus, we have included all sorts of entities of these companies. The number may differ by a max of 3-4 even after that. That depends on how much access you have.


Also you missed out on some bigger/more preferred FMCG firms like Nokia, Dabur, Asian Paints. I was especially keen on Asian Paints since I am joining the same. But never mind.

Team InsideIIM

Nokia is not a FMCG company according to us. Asian Paints and Castrol have been kept out as they don't fit the exact same category of the companies above. Dabur , Yes. But we wanted to restrict the number to 15. There is no end to it. The analysis takes time and a lot of filtering needs to be done. You can look up for these companies yourself. You'll get a broad trend. Don't fight for exact numbers.

Howard Roark

That's true. But if you consider the slotting system in IIMs Nokia shares interview slots with some of the FMCG biggies.Many students who aspire for top FMCG companies choose to join Nokia.
Similarly every year Asian Paints & Dabur occupy earlier slots than Britannia,Kellogg or Perfetti.
Anyway a good analysis indeed..!!

Howard Roark

"No filter done for functions within FMCG sector."
The gap with other IIMs would be even more considering the fact that unlike her sister IIMs IIM-Calcutta does not accept Fin / Supply Chain roles from top FMCG companies.Only Sales & Marketing roles are accepted on campus.


Are you saying Fin/Supply chain roles in a FMCG company are inferior? You do realize that a company needs all kinds of functional expertise to do well.

Howard Roark

Sorry if you have got me wrong. I believe that Fin,Supply Chain & IT roles in FMCG companies are definitely excellent options for students who are inclined to those areas. I only stated that IIM-C does not accept those roles from companies like HUL,P&G,ITC. So stated figures for those companies would be only for Sales & Marketing roles.


Do you mean to say that IIM Kolkatta says that dont offer these at our campus? I mean, why would such a thing happen? BTW, the IIMC report does say that HUL offered IT roles there


It's IIM Calcutta. IIMC won't say that don't offer these roles at our campus. The students don't prefer these roles mostly(exceptions are there).
HUL IT role was for laterals. Lateral FMCG offers are much lesser in number than the Finals.


Oh wow IIM-L seems to hold its own against ABC in FMCG sector. Seems like the institute has carved its own niche. Understandable though. After top banking and consulting FMCG is very desired. And when ABC students were gravitating towards consulting and banking, L students took the next best route and built up a reputation in FMCG. Hence in many companies L has equal or more alums than ABC. Good for L!!

Abhinav Agrawal

All the major FMCGs offer all roles (Supply Chain, IT, etc) at IIM-L, whereas mostly Sales & Marketing are offered at ABC. This might be the reason for the high nos. Not taking away anything from IIM-L though.


So in addition to Sales & Marketing all the other roles are offered at L or are Sales & Marketing roles exclusive for ABC?


Yes. At IIML, the top 3 FMCG companies offer other roles like corporate finance, IT etc….But that is the case with IIM AB too..Not sure about C…P&G offers 6 profiles at A,B,L….Cadbury, HUL offered corporate finance roles at IIMA, B, L….Across profiles and across ABL, the initial CTC given by FMCGs is the same…….


P&G offers 6 profiles at B and L? I dont know about IIMA but I can assure you that till recent past, even CBD was not offered at IIMB. Similarly, Marketing is not always offered at IIML.
Also please check how many times in the last 3-4 years has Cadbury offered S&M at IIMB.
Lastly, it is important to make distinction between profiles offered and profiles accepted.


P&G has always offered their coveted Marketing role at L, as far as I know


For example, P&G made 4 offers at IIMA. Then how did it recruit for 6 profiles?(I assume you are talking about accepts, otherwise it makes no sense)

Abhinav Agrawal

It depends on the batch. Most of the FMCGs offer only the sales & marketing roles, purely because the other roles do not evoke a strong sense of interest from the students. However, some of the top FMCGs have been offering their Corp Fin profile exclusively at IIMC, and another top FMCG offered their IT profile during laterals this year.
P&G offers 3 marketing roles at IIM-ABC, not sure about the rest. Probably offers them at IIM-L as well, but only one of them in other colleges.

Neutral Junta

Valid point brought out by a few from IIMC about FMCG companies giving non marketing roles in campuses as well. However the report says that its mostly sectoral and no filtration of roles was done.

Since insideIIM covers the top 10 colleges of India would have liked to see a comparison of top 6 IIM's with XL/FMS as well.


Your IIM C jingoism is almost making me puke. Go take a break from your 'IIM C is the world' tone comments. You talk as if you work in all these companies yourself. Everyone realizes that IIM ABC have a strong brand. And btw people who are in IIM ABC over the last 3-4 years are plain lucky and nothing else. There are many in LIK ,XL/FMS who could have been in your place. It's just the selection criteria that suited you as compared to many others who were equally capable. So get off your high horse and show some humility. Obviously if your institution is 50 years old with a bigger batch size you'll have more alums working in these companies. Wait for Lucknow to turn 50 years old and you'll see similar kind of numbers. IIM Indore and Kozhikode alums have done spectacularly considering they are not even 15 years old. A matter of time.


Which college are you from? I mean seriously that college needs to be shut down as your stupid interpretations are making me puke on your face. Go through my posts and then comment anything. Does telling truth means that I am from that college? Also, why always do you try comparing your not league colleges with the league? I know everything about other colleges and also about IIM ABC. I know all sort of truths that are hidden from media by XLRI and FMS.

Neutral Junta

Doesn't everyone know that ?? Seriously what wrong with you. ABC might be better than rest but its not that everyone in ABC is better than every other MBA grad in India.


There is nothing wrong with me. Something is wrong with people from other colleges who cant absorb the truth and start comparing themselves to ABC. Yes you are right that not everyone in ABC is better than other college people. But still IIMABC have been able to place even a not so good guy in a much better position. I mean a person getting 15 may have got just 7, had he been in some other.


I don't know if you are from IIMC. Either ways, I would suggest that you stop making such random statements, out of context


Great work team..
I would like to know how the order of company has been decided….is it based on how preferred these companies are among students…..


Back to the old ABC jingoism? I sometime seriously doubt if you guys actually belong to ABC…. These cannot be the products of these elite schools.. And if they are, the schools aren't elite any more..


For consulting its a clear ABC dominance !!! for FMCG L is very close to ABC and ABCL makes sense at least fr FMCG !