The Achilles Heel Syndrome – Work On Strengths And Not On Your Weakness – CAT 2016

There are students who have been preparing for CAT for 2 years and there are few who just started a few months before the exam. So is there any such optimum time with regards to preparation for the CAT exam which will help one Bell the CAT? The answer is there is no such optimum time. There are students who prepare for 2 years and crack CAT, and also there are ones who start preparing for CAT a few months before the exam and crack the CAT.
Even though different aspirants have a different pace of preparation, the secret to success lies in the simple fact that they know their strengths better than their weaknesses. While this may sound contrary to popular belief, but the fact of the matter is , CAT being an exam of relative marking and ranking, it all comes down to who plays their cards well with what they have and not with what they wished they had.

With these last handful days left and so many things to revise and go through, many aspirants get it wrong in these last few days as they get exam jitters and pre-exam nervousness which put them totally off track and demotivate them and hence they lose the plot for which they have long rehearsed.
The trick and the most effective way to overcome this stage is by-
1. Stop listening to others and listen to yourself by correctly assessing your strong points and weak points – Be True to yourself.

2. Work on your strong points and don’t worry too much about the weaker sections in which you are less confident. The idea is to score as much as possible from your area of strengths in as much as little time as possible, rather than wasting time on problems you are not accustomed or comfortable in.

3. Glance through the mocks papers and keep going through the solution sets these last few days, as this will help you see last moment corrective patterns and put you in a better position to analyse your past performance and come up with a sound game plan,

4. Go through the shortcut methods and formulas.

5. In spare time or when concentration levels are dipping, just take a quick glance at topics which you are not much comfortable with, as this will give you a look into your weaker aspects as well as not waste time.

Strategy to balance strength and weaknesses should be based on your goals and time availability. It is important to work on your strengths as it is equally important to shield your weaknesses.

Stays focused and bell the CAT!