The Amazing Amazon Dash – Strategy With RS

Amazon has mastered the art of identifying pain points of customers & then developing end-to-end solutions to either reduce or eliminate them.

Take this case when Amazon, through observing people at home – also referred to as Ethnography research, noticed that when a household item is getting over, people desire to place order to replenish it right then. But unfortunately no such magic wand exists through which they can place order right at that moment.

Amazon also observed that just moment’s later people forget about reordering. They discover their faux pas when they require the item & they realize, much to their horror, that it is over. They silently curse themselves for having forgotten to reorder.

How they wish a magic wand existed through which they could place order as soon as they discovered that a household item was getting over!

But alas no such magic wand exists.

Amazon decided to do something about it & created their version of magic wand & christened it Amazon Dash – referenced below.

Amazon Dash is a small, durable device, which can be stored anywhere in the home – kitchen or elsewhere. It can be connected to the home Wi-Fi & is ready to go.

Any person in the home, when they realize that an item is getting over, can ‘then & there’ place order through Amazon Dash, in either of the 2 ways:

1.  Press the Voice Button & speak into it the name of the brand you wish to order – Amazon Dash will do rest.
2. Point the Amazon Dash towards the item you wish to reorder. Amazon Dash will scan the item & place order.
Amazon Dash, as you would notice is designed to eliminate customers pain point. In return it has become an additional revenue stream for Amazon.

Business Lesson for us:
1. Great brands are built on Consumer Insight.
2. One way to discover consumer insight is to identify consumer pain points & then work towards reducing or eliminating them.
3. To identify consumer pain points opt for ‘Ethnography’ research – which seeks to observe people as they go about there daily job & observing their life style – how they spend their time etc..





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