The Arrival – IIFT

For a person like me who has never crossed the state’s border, studying in Delhi for two years is the most exciting thing that can happen. I came here with a lot of apprehensions but the excitement dominated it.

I moved into my room, introduction with other batchmates and the chit chat happened till the Induction day. On the Induction day, we were explained about the rules and code of conduct at the college.

Reality Check

By the time I tried sinking in all the rules and regulations came the PDP (Personality Development Program) presided by the seniors at IIFT. Never have I been so scared in my entire life. We were doing a series of assignments with very short deadlines. Any fresher at IIFT could clearly see the shift in the lifestyle from a luxurious sleep of 7 hours to a sleep deprived body craving for at least an hour sleep.

Even the best broke down during this one week of a rollercoaster ride.

The Ceremony !

On the last day of PDP, while we were sitting in the auditorium doing the assignments, seniors came rushing and shouting into the auditorium.

Not an insect made a sound. We all were made to assemble outside the college where “Baptism” happened, a ceremony when buckets of water is gushed on people, something that is very unique to IIFT and that’s how the fun began. All the juniors were invited to a disco party and I danced the night away. That was the best unwinding!

Bring it on baby!

And then back to studying! We got bombarded with various subjects of the MBA course. Life started to get a little busy and then another respite, “Freshers!!!”. The time when everyone is busy brushing up their talents to compete for Mr. and Ms. Fresher.

The concept of Blind Date was unique this year which was intended for us to get comfortable and interact more with our seniors. The atrium echoed with the best DJ songs and we danced until we couldn’t feel our feet and till the DJ could no longer play.

Am Loving it !

Although there was a lot of disequilibrium, all the moments would be cherished years down the line. That late night walks in the college, the discussions over a cup of coffee, feeling alive running through Sanjay Van, I believe it is these moments that make a college unique and a student’s life more memorable.

We, the students at IIFT, bring new perspectives to each other’s lives. One boards the learning train so soon that it is a surprise to someone who thinks nothing much can be learnt in the first week. It’s the experience and learning that makes us Unique.


Which Company and Why?

Aditya Birla Fashion without a doubt! I had always felt a connection to Fashion Industry and I firmly believe that Aditya Birla Fashion is the right place. The reason is that –

– It is the vastest Fashion Industry with multiple brands, some of which have reached the international markets.

– Aditya Birla Fashion has some strategic partnerships with foreign brands like Forever 21, Hackett London, Simon Carter and Ted Baker.

– While it is planning to expand its brand stores within India, it is also planning further to bring in some famous international brands like Ralph Lauren. This would broaden the fashion base in India.

– An internship at Aditya Birla Fashion would enhance the scope of my knowledge. As an intern, I intend to learn every nuance of the fashion industry. This experience would help me understand the Fashion Industry better and would serve as an excellent platform to start a career in the Fashion Industry.

IIFT Placement Commitee