Introduction – Emami Limited is a  major player in the healthcare and personal consumer goods industry in India which is involved in manufacturing and marketing of beauty, personal & healthcare products that are based completely on ayurvedic ingredients. It is one of the renowned companies of FMCG sector in India.

Role in Internship : Marketing – Research – BTL Activity

Key responsibilities: Forming a  plan for Below- the- Line promotional activity of Brand Navratna – NRXT in particular, Briefing the Agencies (third party), monitoring and tracking the progress of activites as per the original plan, finding and providing remedial solution to any anomalies. Briefing Promoters regarding the Activity and finally implementing the house to house activity for 250000 households and various Haats( Mandis) across Muzaffarpur-Patna districts of Bihar. The project involved the measuring of effectiveness of below-the-line campaign with respect to the door to door activity,Haat Van activity, reporting, On Spot trials, promotions sales for rural customers.

House to House Activity – Waking up early in the morning to meet the rural customers of my company, observing their reactions, telling them about the campaign and the product, responding to their queries, getting dazzled by their wits, chasing the promoters from door to door, briefing them about their mistakes and in the evening reporting my finding and suggestions to the headquarters. Five force were nowhere to be found here, the only forces that worked were your presence of mind and understanding of the customer. Running around in the blazzing sun doing the activites mentioned above constituted a usual day at the office for me.

Major learnings acquired during the internship:

1. For the BTL activity evrything lies on the field- until you take up the field work the ground realities will not come up.

2. We need to continously motivate the promoters and it is better to set eg.s rather than just asking them to follow the guidelines.

3. We need to keep a track of promotional activites of the competitors as it gives us time to respond to their strategic moves.

4. Lots of culturural and religious issues have to be kept in mind during the plan of the activity.

5. Focus should be on building long term relationships with your customers and clarity of target among promoters is necessary.

Things to take forward :

Emami showed a lot of faith and bestowed challenging responsibilities upon interns to put them in situations from where they can derive real life experiences of sales and promotion in the field.

Would I recommend an internship in this company to my friends: Yes, if you dream of becoming a true marketeer – Emami is the company you should go for!


Evaluation of the Internship: Very Educative and learning marketing from ground up


Internship Experience in “One Word”: Exhilarating


Summarization : A very sensible person once said that “Common sense is not so common in the world”. The meaning behind these words are trully reflected in my internship as I came to know common sense sells for a premium in the market.



Name – Mohit Kumar Jetly

Institute – IIM Tiruchirappalli

Email ID –