The “Book Bucket” Challenge

Thanks to all the people who inundated my Facebook timeline by bathing with their clothes on or telling the world the most pretentious books they could think of, that they had read. Without Facebook, I would not have known my friends needed a bath so badly or were so well read. Someone tagged me somewhere, so here are my ten books for the book challenge thing.

1. Brilliant Tutorials: The maths book with integration. If JEE 2008 had only integration questions, I would have been AIR 1. I could integrate air in 2008.

2. How to C by some Kanitkar fellow: I learnt C and C++ and promptly forgot them. TCS still hired me. Major life lesson learnt.

3. NIIT’s books on Java: I even paid NIIT for some Java course and promptly forgot Java before placements. I also bought a green fluorescent marker when I started studying Java. I left it open once and it went dry. I lost all interest in Java after that.

4. Kotler’s Marketing book: It had nice photos. I had a look at the photos and wanted to do marketing then. Then a bank hired me from B-school.

5. Solomon and Solomon on organic chemistry: By far the most boring book in the world but very thick and good for playing book cricket. Was also later used to prop up the screen of my desktop computer.

6. Resnick and Halladay: Deceptively thin book but still usable for book cricket and desktop screen propping up. I did not get beyond the preface.

7. FIITJEE’s book on fluid dynamics: I never understood fluid dynamics. I tried really hard but I never could. But the book had some cool diagrams. I always thought that the people who could make head or tail of those cool diagrams would be really cool people. Who knows, they probably were.

8. Jain and Jain: Useful all through four years of my engineering. And eventually, third and final book on which desktop was propped up.

9. Naagraj: Dohri Maut: Superbad comic book and decently fascinating. Indian comic book writing is underrated.

10. My own book: Oh and I wrote this book in B-school. I like to read passages from it when I am feeling nostalgic.