The Broken Dream – IPM IIM Indore


The story of “how my dream got broken”

It was the last 12th board paper and like everybody  I too was super excited ; as I did very hard work in my last few months and I thought that was going to give me a good result soon. My all worries were dumped for a month … and, I was so happy that time for two reasons, one “exams are over” and second one is  ” I can take my first step towards my dream  of getting admission in  IIM ”  YES, I was so determined about it and for that I joined a coaching class in my city, i.e. INDORE…  I wanted to go in IIM Indore through IPM (5 years integrated course) and for that i was doing so much hard work (so honest hard work) in coaching and in my home too.. My schedule was simple and straight – i left home at 7 am and 8 pm was my arrival time … frankly I have never showed this much seriousness about anything especially in studies … I did it for my dream … the days have passed and finally it was  may 15 2014 (IPM exam date) I didn’t sleep the previous night (14th may) and the reason was obvious – the fear and little excitement of IPM … I went to my exam center which was IPS  academy INDORE …there were so many students waiting for the gates to open and there I became very nervous and my inner soul raised a question “will I  be able to compete with the present horde of people” and the answer I got was negative “No” – that’s what I replied to myself . I was feeling numb , and I got scared of the people rather I can say I got scared of  all those brilliant minds …The negative thoughts were cluttering my mind from all sides ,but somehow I managed to stay there. I took a deep sigh and went in …

I got even more nervous after I saw the question paper, it was so damn arduous!! They gave a question of class 11-12 ( math’s ) and  I was blank as I am from commerce with IP (Java)… The black shades were covering my eyes , I was controlling my tears …I could see the hard work that I did for this exam was going to be a waste. I lost the hope of getting admission in IIM …And that moment I tried to handle the situation and I decided to start with the English section first which was quite easy for me. I got a little boost and confidence from this and then after an hour I came back to the maths section and I was paying my utmost attention on the questions, but I was not getting the answers although some question were so easy. Those easy questions were not enough in number and  after giving my full efforts on that eeriest subject i took a deep sigh…  That time a lot of permutation and combinations were running in my mind about the cutoff and the net score i may get in IPM exam  … I attempted 25 questions of maths out of 60 and 30 of English out of 40 …

I came home and I was so disturbed from the paper and that time I was regretting on my decision of choosing commerce with IP 🙁  I was not talking properly with anybody … I was getting some intuition that I will not be selected in IIM  and it was the worst feeling for me …)

The days have passed and it was 23 may when I got a call from my coaching friend and  he said “brother have you checked your  IPM results”. I woke up in shock and then I opened the page on my cell phone which was showing me to enter my roll number and date of birth .. My heart was beating so loudly, my body was shivering while typing . It was the worst time the things were not in my control, I closed my eyes and adjuring to god “please  god make it in my favor please ” and then I took a look at my phone screen which was showing


“Sorry you have not been selected for the next round”




I fell on my couch and tears were rolling down from my eyes “my dream was broken” I was shattered that time …..




So this was the story of my broken dream … I have that pain 🙁 of not being a part of IIM Indore … but one day I will accomplish my dream.








Jene barve




Jene Barve

yes it hurts when your dream get shattered , but take it as a challange .rise up and move again …

you may fall 10 times but it will be you who will be on apex on 11th time…

Srinivas Gullapalli

you are right! Anyway haven’t you attended any coaching class either online or classroom? Haven’t you been assessed over there? I think IPM has age limits, isn’t it? And I think not many people write this exam. What prospects it has in the job market with the certificate of IPM-IIM Indore vis-à-vis PGDBM-IIM Indore? What is the result of 2016 (First output batch) of IPM course?

Anuj Chauhan

WHEN LIFE TAKES YOU DOWN , GET BACK UP AND SAY “LIFE YOU HIT LIKE A BITCH”. if i were in ur place i would make a second attempt and in that one year stop complaining about not taking maths ..

Team Insideiim

You can start about 6 months before the test. All major coaching institutes offer a prep course like TIME, Career Launcher etc.

Harin Rock

i’m currently studing 12th in science stream. shall i get the information
of the best coaching institutes for ipm preparation in chennai