Every time I feel low, a writer starts budding in me. This obviously does not cheer me up but mitigates the feeling and loosens my threads of mental agony. Additionally it gives me a constructive pass time.

It has been a month since I joined a software firm. I did not want to join it and wanted to continue the studies but somehow I happened to join this sector as a pretext to gaining experience. And obviously I am gaining it -hard and bitter experience of life.

Pursuing what one don’t like is really an encumbrance. But at times this piques deep in your heart. And all those dreams which, one thought would come true one day have now evanesced in the everlasting mist of monotonous and murky corporate system specially crafted to exploit you to a sickening degree and extract any animated outlook one have towards life. Some just submit themselves to this corporate structure considering it inevitable necessity for their daily bread. Still some others take genuine interest expressing their allegiance to the firm and hoping for a sky rocketing career. For rest like us it is more of everyday struggle than being a regular profession. You may be thinking that here I have exaggerated the tone of life a bit more negative but then this is what I am facing up to. It always feel giving up the job and pursue other important things but one has to be at the mercy of system that always compels one to follow the conventional approach and do what it takes to satisfy what builds our society. Now some may think that one can venture even he is walking against the social trends provided he has adamant determination but I want to remind that sometimes one finds oneself either immured in the multitude of bars of  society driven constraints or  expected to follow the typical approach. How can, under the given circumstances, think of being a maverick.

Pursuing what one like and wanting to pursue what one like has a great difference not of one’s gut but of the constraints that society often paves one’s way with. These barriers are sometime sufficient to eat up one’s entire span of life meeting these and one is left speculating the purpose of existence. It will really shake to the inner if one thinks whether one has lived one’s expectations or the other’s or whether one really wanted to land up where one is or whether one really achieved what one wanted to.

Life is intricate in itself and hardly will it let one follow one’s course. Every time one’s plans will be turned down into denial by an unexpected bolt from the blue. It always preempts one’s way only to drop impediments along the way. Now this is life, fraught with uncertainties, that always challenges one to take one’s course. If one does he loses on one part and if one is adamant he loses on the other. By and large life orchestrates as an unpredictable and an inevitable series of failure and success. This is what can be expected of life. But the hero of one’s life is one who takes on every problem  that falls one’s way without being intimidated by the hurdles life posits against one along  the way .